Minecraft Review: Imagine, Create, Destroy.

So I've been playing alot of Minecraft recently and I can honestly say my creativity has never come out in a video game before, until now. It features simple yet intuitive and interesting mechanics which can be easily learned on the go, but also features a promising depth of game-play. Although the graphics are low-res, the simplicity of it makes it charming, especially with the reminiscent old style 8-bit games, of course with a bit of 3D chucked in. Mix this all together and we have the beautiful game we all know now as Minecraft.

My Minecraft skin - Image taken from in game.

I can't begin to imagine how many hours I've spent exploring, mining, and creating beautiful 8-bit pieces of Pixel art, which is how I like to spend my time on there, I don't know about you guys. There's always something different to do, you can't get bored of this game, no matter how hard you try, something, everything is almost different - the world, the monsters, even the characters, are always constantly changing in front of my eyes. I can write my own stories, create my own villages, cities, even worlds. Nothing in this game is ever boring.

Another thing I love about the Minecraft world; not only can you play in survival, but you can also play in Creative mode. Unlike survival mode, Creative gives you access to all tools,  blocks, food, you name it. If it can be created in survival, you can find it in creative. I've come to find my love for creating different pieces of pixel art. The satisfaction you get as you place that last blog on a piece of pixel art you've been working on for the last six hours is the best feeling in the world. 

Lady Rainicorn Pixel Art made in Creative mode.
On the other hand, nothing beats going on adventures with your friends, defending yourself against creepers, and other monsters along the way. Just the experience of having an unplanned and even unpredictable adventure, challenging yourself, your friends, and your team efforts is exhilarating in itself. Although.. The thought of securing your own little plot of land and becoming melon farmers is also a cute little idea too. Of course the excitement is not knowing what's always around the corner of that mineshaft; could it be treasure, or a monster? Just imagine yourself, sat at your computer one night as a simple builder, but the next day your an Ender dragon slayer.

More Pixel art made in Creative mode.

Of course this is just my experience that I've written about, it varies for each player, and even though over ten million people have already played this game, I suggest you go and grab a copy if you already haven't. 

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