People watching and Primark treasure

Do you ever just sit in the middle of a crowded place and just people watch? If you don't  what people watching is, it's basically just where you, your friends, or even strangers just sit and observe people for hours on end. I like to think that this is a totally non creepy thing to do, but sometimes I do it without realising I'm doing it, if that makes any sense at all? Hundreds if not thousands of people walk by everyday and it fascinates me that I could never see that person ever again in my life. It's obvious that not everyone is the same, but imagine if you could see inside the mind of that person, would you look, react, speak to them differently? Are they sad, happy, angry? Who knows. I'm just a very curious person I guess and like to think that certain people could be capable of certain things.

Any-who, moving on:

I ventured into Primark recently and thought I would share some treasure I found with you all. You may not like it, but one mans treasure is another's (or in this case, woman's, I don't know, where was I going with this again?).
Right.. Anyway, as some of you may or mayn't know, I'm an absolute sucker for Pyjamas, I don't know why or when this came to be, but if I could live, go to work and swim in Pyjamas, trust me, I would, which is why when I came across these Sandwich-ish type PJ leggings I almost fainted. 

They are the comfiest thing that have ever hugged my legs in the whole entire world and for £3 you can't complain. They were originally £6, but I found them hiding at the back of a Sale rack :D

Another thing I found was this awesome Pac-Man tee for £6. So it was in the Mens section, so what. I'm so jealous of all the tees that the guys have to wear sometimes, I just want to buy all of them! I had to stop myself from buying the Rex Dinosaur one too.. Opps. 

And last but not least, my new favourite thing; A cute make-up bag to take with me on my travels. The cute lollipop design makes me feel like my inner girly girl is coming out, but honestly, I'm just a sucker for cute stuff. This set me back £4, cheap and cheerful, fits everything I want into it, and can also be compact, so I can't complain :3

Even though I was at work for four hours today, I am absolutely shattered. I think I'm going to grab a cuppa and maybe take a nap.