Life is weird. I feel weird.

Its normal to have that in the back of your head feeling, y'know the one, where you over think everything and you feel like your brain is going to explode and melt out of your eyes and ears?.. Right?.. No?.. Just me then.
But seriously I have no idea what I'm doing with my life right now, I'm twenty, stuck in a dead job where I know I'll get know where in and I'm unhappy where I live. Not to mention my sucky money situation, but hey, that's another blog post all together.
I keep thinking to myself, having a job you're unhappy in a getting some sort of stable income is better than none at all right? Even if 99.9% of it is spent on Bills *sighs*

If I'm honest I have seen better days. If I could I would move out of my parents house tomorrow and I would love to 'start fresh' as people put it.. But it's never that simple.

I guess this was a rant more than anything but I just needed to get this out of my head, before the gooey mush explodes from my eyes.

Here's to better days, who knows where I'll be next week, or next month, or next year. We'll see.

Here's something to cheer myself up, I found it on tumblr and thought it was super cute. You can find the artist who created it here :3

Thank you super kawaii doughnut for making me feel better

Minecon 2015

I won't lie to you guys, I honestly wasn't that excited for Minecon this year. I don't know why, I just get it in my head that I shouldn't hype myself up for stuff just so that I won't be disappointed later on, I do the same thing with birthdays and Christmas..
But hell was I so wrong this time.

It was amazing meeting so many new people and being around people you met online and meeting them in person for the first time. I literally wanted to hug everyone that I met (and I think I kinda did).  The only downside for the whole experience, for me anyway, was that there was literally no air condition whatsoever inside the Excel Arena, and to help me stay cool I think I downed ten fruit coolers from Costa at one point just so that I wouldn't die. Maybe it's time to invest in air condition now Excel Arena, hm? 

My Minecon 2015 wrist band :)

The opening ceremony was as good as it could get I think, Lydia Winters who hosted practically the entire thing was lovely and handed the crowd well, it was sad I didn't get to meet her in person, I would have liked to give her a hug too, aha. I would have taken a photo of the opening ceremony, but like the pro photographer I am, I'd forgotten my camera, as well as my phone almost being dead.. Opps. I won't go into too much detail on everything that happened, because I don't want to spoil anything that may or may not be announced in the future. 

Getting on to the main events, I spent most of my time actually hanging out with people either outside or in the main hall, wish wasn't too bad. I only actually want to one panel, I think it was the one with the Twitch people telling us how they came to be maybe.. I honestly can't remember, but I'm not going to lie, sitting there for an hour was actually really really boring, I'm glad I went to it anyway thought, got some information I could use to make my Twitch channel a bit better... The rest of the day was spent in the main hall meeting different people from Twitch and eating and buying all the merchandise because oh my god it was amazing. When you walked into the main hall there was a HUGE purple ender dragon perched on top of Big Ben which I thought, "oh London, Big Ben, makes sense I guess" (As you can see my enthusiasm levels were high that day) Everything was spaced out nicely so that we actually had room to walk and not feel like crowded sheep and all round it was a good experience.. Apart from holding a diamond sword and being told off by one of the volunteers.. I didn't realise that they were there for show and not to be played with.. 

Getting to travelling; Going up was fine, all good, got the right train and everything. Managed to even bag myself a free glass of wine from some lovely ladies in a hen party, it was the getting back that was a nightmare. I thought that instead of spending six hours on a bus going home, I'd save my time and take the three hour train home instead, now I don't like getting on the tube as much as the next person but considering it was one of the hottest days whilst I was there it was like stepping into an over-crowded, very rude and (dare I say this) moist oven... Luckily I managed to navigate my way back to Waterloo train station and waited an hour for my train home. Or so I thought. After asking two different conductors if I was about to get on the right train home or not, and being told yes by both of them, I still managed to get on the wrong train. So once we got to Sailsbury I had to get off the train, wait for another hour to get on the right one and still then had to wait whilst the train was being cleaned. It was a bloody nightmare, I was stressed, tired and yes, I did cry. Alot. So after all that I got back home at about 2AM instead of 11PM if I had taken the bus to begin with, I guess we all learn from our mistakes though, right?

A very tired Laura, Glad to be home. 
I'd write more but my brain is still trying to get round the face that this was actually my first con (I've lost my con virginity ah!.. ew) and my head goes blank every time I try to think of something to write. Maybe I'll try again later. 

The job hunt is real

So I'm supposedly contracted to 24 hours at a certain company and I don't think I've ever worked that since I've been there, I've either worked 50 hours or under 24 and my boss has just called me to say that they may only need me for two days next week instead of three (because I'm on holiday come Friday) and it's just depressing. I'm tired of being messed about, I just want a proper stable job :(

If anyone reads this and is currently looking for full timers please hire me? D: 


Just a quick note to say I am alive!
I've recently just come back from Minecon in London and someone decided to give me con flu as a souvenir so I'm currently recovering.. So glad I booked the week off work..

Will blog about Minecon soon so don't worry! I'm in the process of writing it all, just very very very sleepy all the time.

Sorry Lizards!

Weather Complaints

Why is it that nearly every person in the UK complains about the weather? Too cold? Moans. Too hot? Moans even more. Even people complain about the rain, which personally, is my favourite type of weather.

But I can honestly say right now:


Thank you to however created paper fans, I love you so much right now.