Being sick & stuff

Something I've thought about for a while now is why co-workers, bosses and managers all feel the need to make you feel awful when you call in sick to work. Why do they do it? The emotional anxiety I get before I make that dreaded phone call is horrible, I mean, I'd understand if I was faking it and couldn't be bothered to go into work but that's not the case. I've been sick with a migraine the past two days now, I get them so bad that they make me physically sick (tmi sorry guys) but really, why would you think I would fake that? What's the point of faking it? To be honest, I do like my job, it's just the people I work with that I resent sometimes which makes me feel even worse. 

I understand some of you maybe thinking "well why don't you just go into work sick and then get sent home?". We'll i'll tell you why; with the nature of my job being so busy most of the time, especially a rainy day like today, it's literally impossible to be sent home unless you can find cover from another store for yourself or if you literally faint, be sick in front of customers (gross) and/or you refuse to work to the point you get fired in the first place. I'm not one to take alot of time off work, but when I first got this job in the first place I did tell them that my body is literally a complete boob... Okay maybe not in those exact words, but I suffer from various things that may need a couple of days to recover and I don't get why I should be made to feel like crap about being sick. 

What's even worser (worser, is that even a word?..) Is that I have the joys of going back to work tomorrow and the anxiety build that comes with, going into work and then waiting all day until your boss finally decides to do your back to work form with you and then looking like they don't believe a word you're saying in the first place. Just why do people feel the need to make people feel like this in the first place is just plain wrong. I just don't get it.  

I'm sorry about the rant and all but I just needed to get it out of my system, y'know?
I'm going back to bed.