Part time projects

I decided it was necessary for me to occupy myself this summer, and what better way to do that then to make something ugly into something beautiful. And what better way to show some sort of beauty through something then redoing your garden amiright?

The fact that I'm wanting to have a bring a bottle BBQ for my 21st acts as some sort of motivation towards this but I'm proud of myself for not backing down yet, mind you, it's only been three days so you never know.. I'm kidding, even some of my friends have said they'll help in exchange of free food.. Not a bad trade if I say so myself.. I'd do anything for free food, I don't know about any of you guys.

So what you see above is the current state of my back garden. It doesn't look like I've done much but I feel like I've done a lot. So far I've ripped up all the grass that covered the now muddy area, somewhat levels it out and managed to sting my legs.. A lot.. I didn't even have stinging nettles in my garden so I have no idea how that happened if I'm honest. All I've got left to do now is level out the garden a little more, sand it down everywhere and level it out again, then I can put down cement and finally some paving slabs. Then I will be happy. Ten years I've been waiting to pave this garden out and now I can finally do it (with some help) yay.

Will blog more when I have more updates to tell everyone, just thought I'd update everyone with what I'm doing in life right now :3 

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