Being a grown up

So I've come to the conclusion that being an adult sucks.... Kinda.
The constant worry of money and bills and taxes and keeping up with friends and work and more bills, it's ridiculous. Looking back now I can say I definitely took being a kid as an advantage but I wish I took more advantage of that time if that makes sense? 
Y'know, instead of sitting inside playing Lara Croft or The Sims on my PS2 locked away in my bedroom I could have gone outside and explored more, but I guess we can't dwell on the past now can we? What's the point? You can't change the past, so we might as well work on making the future better for us, and everyone around us. 

Talking about the future now for a second, it's scary to think I'm now 'officially' and adult. Where did twenty one years of my life go? It only seems like yesterday I was turning eighteen, literally. Now I'm (somewhat) working full time and supposedly doing adult stuff... If sitting in your bedroom in the dark until 3am playing The Sims 3 counts as productive? (Guess some things never change).
I guess what I'm trying to say is don't worry about life. Take each day as a new adventure and a new story to add to the chapter of your life, otherwise what's the point? You'll spend your whole life worrying that your not doing anything when in fact you're the only one who can change that.

I wish I took my own advice sometimes.
Bed time soon maybe? I had a dream last night that I was attacked by a cheeseburger and that's the last time I'm eating chocolate and cheese before bed from now on.

The busiest week of my life

So before any of you who maybe fortunate enough to read this I thought I'd mention at the start that today's blog post may not all be butterflies and birthday cake (but most of it is, so it's not all that bad) Shall we begin?

Was pretty boring, I honestly can't remember much of what went on, I'm lucky if I remember what I did last night let alone a few days ago. I think I spent the day buying BBQ food and organizing last minute things for my birthday. It was a busy day that's all I can really remember. 

Of course a ridiculous amount of food 

Step dad leaves. 
Yup, sad I know, but i'll get over it eventually, I mean, I've lost one dad already the second one shouldn't matter that much, right? Wrong. Meh, I don't really want to go into too much detail with this one. Also went to the cinema with my friend Tyler to watch 'The Visit'. I wouldn't recommend it at all to anyone. A movie about a brother and sister who are sent, or more like invited themselves to their grandparents house for a trip, turns out their 'grandparents' have been involved in some disturbing stuff, I wont go into it anymore, don't wanna spoil it for anyone who does want to watch it but it deserves more than 60% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The day I have been waiting for, for twenty one long years, my 21st birthday, yay!
All I can say is that it was a truly memorable birthday at that and I'd love the rest of my birthdays to turn out like this (here's hoping), even if everyone did turn up kinda late and stuff... I had a BBQ at mine then a few of my friends and I went out on the town either, don't think I've danced so much in my life. It was amazing. Thanks again to everyone who came if you're reading this! 

What is any birthday without a couple of drunken pictures?

Also, my birthday cake was amazing, I mean look at it, so cute! :D

Apart from the obvious hangover from the night before Thursday was spent being extremely lazy followed by cleaning up my house, as well as my act, and going outside with mumma bear and a close friend of mine, which I shall make a point of saying this right here, right now, spoilt me to no end. I'm so lucky and just to make a few of you jealous, here's a few of the things that they brought me:

I'll just make a point of this now, I almost fainted when they brought me this. I literally walked out of the shop and had to sit down. I mean who wouldn't when your dream mouse and keyboard is brought for you (Which I'm totally using to write this blog right now)

Small but cute "I love my cat" mug from ?Urban Outfitters, who doesn't love their cat though?

I also got a few other bits brought for me, but these two were particularly my favourite of them all.
I also took advantage of visiting the new Mac Make-up store in town. I've been allergic to lip stick for as long as I can remember so I ventured in there hoping to come out with something and eventually after an hour of looking and trying different colours on I walked out with my very first lipstick! 

As you can see I thought the Matte pallet colour choices were so cute and with this upcoming season (being Autumn incase anyone doesn't know) I love all the deep reds and browns they had to offer, and none of them burned my lips either! Safe to say I'll be shopping there for more lippy in the future. The shade I brought is called "Velvet Teddy Bear" Just incase any of you wanted to try it out for yourselves.

I was also taken out for dinner and then went out to bingo, it was very lovely c: 

Spent again with family, I'll be honest, I can't remember what I did,  I dont really want to remember this day either, but that's another blog post all together. 

It's my cousins birthday, yay! My auntie came up from Cornwall to see me and go into town. Was treated to Lunch, how lucky am I? Can't say no to free bacon, I'm sure you wouldn't either. Came home, sat and watched X-Factor, played The Sims 3 and then had a tub of Ben & Jerry's for dinner. Because I'm an adult now and i'll have Ice-cream for dinner if I want it!

Woo! We made it, I did the entire week! It's currently eight minutes past midnight on Sunday the 20th September. I really should be sleeping, I'm supposed to be up in seven hours ready to go to out to lunch with my grandparents in Cornwall and I'm sure they don't wanna see me all moody and sleepy, let alone, who does? I'm a sucker when it comes to beauty sleep. But that's the extent of my week in a nutshell, it was fun, sad, crazy and memorable and I can look back on it in years to come to laugh and cry at some of the memories.

How was your week? I'd love to hear about it in the comments. 

I should really get some sleep now. 

Serious post is serious

Sometimes we all have to make difficult decisions which could effect us in either one of two ways; Good or bad. And it sucks because sometimes those decisions can hurt you or other people and hurting people is the last thing we want to do, but the real decision is it really worth being unhappy just so that some other people can have that little bit of happiness? In the long run it's going to hurt even more and probably make more damage of the situation you may be in than if you could have plucked up the courage and done it earlier. But then again, sometimes what you think to be the right decision is actually the wrong decision and then everything you had is poof, gone, just because you either stress too much and/or over think way too much.


Being an adult with responsibilities and having to make decisions for yourself sucks sometimes. And I apologise for the 'serious' blog post, just needed to vent and stuff, glad you guys understand.


Mother Nature please be nice

Okay so I may have worded the title a little bit wrong for my female readers say the least but when I say 'Mother nature' I mean the Earth not a special time of month for some of us ladies (gross but I'm not even sorry). What I mean is, the weather has been so nice and sunny this week that I have this feeling that next week is going to be complete crap weather wise. I'm hoping I'm wrong otherwise my BBQ/Birthday will be a complete disaster. Who wants to use a bouncy castle in the rain I mean really?

Image taken from Pinterest

Any who, why worry, what's the worse that could happen really? Rain, thunder storm... Hurricane. Who am I kidding, I over think too much sometimes, just live in the now and try not to worry about things that don't really matter. 

I think this is one of those 'That really doesn't make any sense at all blog posts'. Whoops.

Good morning world

I woke up feeling like I had a life time of sleep after being in bed for 12 hours, one of my friends asked me if I was in a coma. No joke. I can't remember the last time I had that amount of sleep, but waking up and actually feeling refreshed and like I can conquer the day is an amazing feeling. Although, my version of 'conquering the day' is actually me sitting at my computer and see how long I can procrastinate before getting ready for a seven hour shift at work *sighs*.

I'm also trying to think of things I could do today other than work to be productive but nothing is coming to mind, any ideas internet?


Not a morning person

Getting up at 4am should be illegal unless you're planning on heading to an airport to go on an exotic holiday or road trip somewhere, definatly not for work. I haven't had an early start like this in months so tomorrow morning should be some what interesting. Lots of coffee to get me through the day and I should be fine. I'm just happy I'm only working for.. nine hours (I thought it was less in my head when I was typing this). wow nine hours.. At least I get the evening to myself though right?

I also finally finished my garden today which I'd written about in a previous blog post which you can find here.
I'll write more soon about where I started and what it came to be.

Even though I've slept most of the day I'm super tired so I think that's bed time.



T minus twelve days

Twelve whole days until I'm officially an adult. How scary is that?
Thought I'd dedicate a whole section on my blog on how I'm feeling about this. Mixed emotions, happy, sad, anxiety-ridden, excited. Do you feel different when you turn 21? Like does a wave of adultness suddenly hit you or do you just stay the same? Who knows.

The only thing  really that makes me feel bad about the whole age situation is that I still feel like I have the mind of a 12 year old in a 20 something year old body. Yes that probably sounds very, very weird but I mean, I don't do adult things, like taxes or drive or other adult stuff, I like video games and cartoons and sparkly things. Why do I get judged by people so easily when I prefer things that are considered for children rather than adults?
Everyone knows kids have the best stuff anyway.

Which is exactly why I'm having a bouncy castle at my super hero themed birthday party.
Be jealous. 



It seems that my busy life style has made me neglect my blog a little bit. I'm sorry Blogger, I love you, take me back? Seriously though, alot has happened since I last wrote on here.. Maybe.. Not really. I lie. I'm terrible. 
Any who, lets talk about some adventures I had during the wonderful month of August.

1. I finally quit my job.   
Yep, I finally did the thing. I quit what was making me the most unhappiest I've ever been and the sense of relief was the best thing I have ever felt this year. What's the point of doing something if it makes you unhappy? I'm not sure if i'll stick with the new job I got now, but it's something do it in the mean time.

2. I travelled to Manchester.
Again. To visit my other half, obviously, not for the city.. Because of the whole 'long distance' thing, me and my boyfriend decided that it would be better if I had an early birthday up there rather than us both forking out money that we don't really have right now, and save it for when we can both afford to do something. We spent the week eating a ridiculous amount of junk food, watching tv and mainly cuddling, I couldn't of asked for a better week, it was heart breaking to leave. Did I mention I was very spoilt?  :3

3. I gave myself a project.
And I actually went through with it! Finally, something I started I actually finished. I need to do this more. What did I do you may ask? My back garden. Not the most exciting project you could ever think of but the place needed a little facelift and that's what I gave it. 

So what do I have to look forward to in September?
One thing mainly. My birthday, the BIG 2-1. Yep, that's it, I made it, adulthood, woo... Now what?
Another thing? I'm not entirely sure, maybe I need to set myself some little targets and start doing things a little bit at a time rather than try to do everything all at once. Maybe i'll video my doggies doing stupid stuff and put it on Youtube.. Or maybe not, it's a start though, right?