Mother Nature please be nice

Okay so I may have worded the title a little bit wrong for my female readers say the least but when I say 'Mother nature' I mean the Earth not a special time of month for some of us ladies (gross but I'm not even sorry). What I mean is, the weather has been so nice and sunny this week that I have this feeling that next week is going to be complete crap weather wise. I'm hoping I'm wrong otherwise my BBQ/Birthday will be a complete disaster. Who wants to use a bouncy castle in the rain I mean really?

Image taken from Pinterest

Any who, why worry, what's the worse that could happen really? Rain, thunder storm... Hurricane. Who am I kidding, I over think too much sometimes, just live in the now and try not to worry about things that don't really matter. 

I think this is one of those 'That really doesn't make any sense at all blog posts'. Whoops.