It seems that my busy life style has made me neglect my blog a little bit. I'm sorry Blogger, I love you, take me back? Seriously though, alot has happened since I last wrote on here.. Maybe.. Not really. I lie. I'm terrible. 
Any who, lets talk about some adventures I had during the wonderful month of August.

1. I finally quit my job.   
Yep, I finally did the thing. I quit what was making me the most unhappiest I've ever been and the sense of relief was the best thing I have ever felt this year. What's the point of doing something if it makes you unhappy? I'm not sure if i'll stick with the new job I got now, but it's something do it in the mean time.

2. I travelled to Manchester.
Again. To visit my other half, obviously, not for the city.. Because of the whole 'long distance' thing, me and my boyfriend decided that it would be better if I had an early birthday up there rather than us both forking out money that we don't really have right now, and save it for when we can both afford to do something. We spent the week eating a ridiculous amount of junk food, watching tv and mainly cuddling, I couldn't of asked for a better week, it was heart breaking to leave. Did I mention I was very spoilt?  :3

3. I gave myself a project.
And I actually went through with it! Finally, something I started I actually finished. I need to do this more. What did I do you may ask? My back garden. Not the most exciting project you could ever think of but the place needed a little facelift and that's what I gave it. 

So what do I have to look forward to in September?
One thing mainly. My birthday, the BIG 2-1. Yep, that's it, I made it, adulthood, woo... Now what?
Another thing? I'm not entirely sure, maybe I need to set myself some little targets and start doing things a little bit at a time rather than try to do everything all at once. Maybe i'll video my doggies doing stupid stuff and put it on Youtube.. Or maybe not, it's a start though, right?