Serious post is serious

Sometimes we all have to make difficult decisions which could effect us in either one of two ways; Good or bad. And it sucks because sometimes those decisions can hurt you or other people and hurting people is the last thing we want to do, but the real decision is it really worth being unhappy just so that some other people can have that little bit of happiness? In the long run it's going to hurt even more and probably make more damage of the situation you may be in than if you could have plucked up the courage and done it earlier. But then again, sometimes what you think to be the right decision is actually the wrong decision and then everything you had is poof, gone, just because you either stress too much and/or over think way too much.


Being an adult with responsibilities and having to make decisions for yourself sucks sometimes. And I apologise for the 'serious' blog post, just needed to vent and stuff, glad you guys understand.