T minus twelve days

Twelve whole days until I'm officially an adult. How scary is that?
Thought I'd dedicate a whole section on my blog on how I'm feeling about this. Mixed emotions, happy, sad, anxiety-ridden, excited. Do you feel different when you turn 21? Like does a wave of adultness suddenly hit you or do you just stay the same? Who knows.

The only thing  really that makes me feel bad about the whole age situation is that I still feel like I have the mind of a 12 year old in a 20 something year old body. Yes that probably sounds very, very weird but I mean, I don't do adult things, like taxes or drive or other adult stuff, I like video games and cartoons and sparkly things. Why do I get judged by people so easily when I prefer things that are considered for children rather than adults?
Everyone knows kids have the best stuff anyway.

Which is exactly why I'm having a bouncy castle at my super hero themed birthday party.
Be jealous.