My favourite Halloween Costumes || Blogtober

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Hello people of the internet, how are we all today?
I thought today I'd talk about Halloween costumes and give you a little help with ideas on what you guys could transform yourself into for the day/night. I'm so excited for Halloween this year but i'll be travelling to London on the day which means unfortunately for me, I wont be dressing up this year, but that wont stop you guys now, will it? Anyway, here's my list on my favourite Halloween costumes:

1. Ghostbusters
2. Mrs. Doubtfire
3. Animal, e.g. cat, dog, lion
4. Wednesday Adams
5. Corpse Bride
6. Zombie
7. Jigsaw (Saw)
8. Pikachu
9. Bane (Batman)
10. Mermaid
11. Alien 
12. People from different decades (70's, 80's, 90's, etc)
13 Sea Witch
14. Disney princesses
15. Disney villains 
16. Finn the Human
17. Princess Bubblegum
18. Karen (From The Grudge)
19. Flapper girl
20. Sugar skull

I hope you guys enjoyed reading today's post, I know its not that long but my brain is feeling a little frazzled at the moment. Hopefully I've helped you choose a costume idea for Halloween too! 

Until tomorrow. 

Mumma bears Birthday || Blogtober

Today has been a mixture of happiness, stressfulness and anxiety...ness. 
No but seriously. Today was my mums birthday, yay (I won't tell you how old she is because she'd probably kill me). Anyway, I wanted to do something nice for her as I know she's been going through a down time recently and wanted to cheer her up, so what did I do.
Booked a table last minute (Luckily it was quiet and we got a table) and surprised her for dinner by, writing her a note telling her to follow each instruction, inviting her parents and sister down as another surprise as she had no idea this or they were happening. And buying balloons. Lots of balloons.

I felt quiet lovely today, I wont lie :3

Our original idea for her birthday was a night in and Chinese food in front of the TV but I'm so glad I organised everything last minute in the end. It was so lovely seeing her face light up when she walked into the room of people.

Stuffed my face with Chicken, cake and wine. 
Now tired and waiting for sleep.

All in all it was a lovely day. Everyone deserves a little happiness (Even if it is last minute decisions) they make the most impact sometimes.

Love you forever and always mumma bear. 

A whole week! || Blogtober

I did it! A whole week of Blogtober! Yay!
How are you guys finding the posts so far? Good-ish I hope.
I'm finding it quit difficult juggling work, a social life and a boyfriend to keep up with my blog I wont lie, probably a little selfish of me but we all have to be a little selfish sometimes, right?
Anyway just wanted this blog post to be a little update.
So I'm keeping all short and sweet

Night all

Microwave Mug cake! || Blogtober

So you've been at work all day, it's been busy, stressful with all the work things you had to be getting on with at work (Does that even make sense?) So what better thing to do than sit down, mooch in front of the tele and nom nom nom on some cake, and even better! - It's in your favourite mug! The recipe below will make one chocolate mug cake and you can tweak it however much you like to make it perfect.

All you will need is; 

4 tbsp Self raising flower
4 tbsp Caster sugar
2 tbsp Cocoa powder
1 Medium egg
3 tbsp Milk
3 tbsp Vegie/Sun flower oil
A few drops of vanilla essence (or any other you want to use; orange, peppermint, etc)
2 tbsp Chocolate chips

And now for the fun part, the method!

1. Using the largest mug you possibly own, to avoid it over flowing in the micro wave.

2. Add the flour, sugar and cocoa powder to the mug and mix all together.

3. Add the egg to the mixture, try and mix it all together as much as you can!

4. Add all other ingredients apart from the chocolate chips and mix until smooth. Once this is done you can then add the chocolate chips and mix again.

5. Place your mug in the middle of your microwave and cook on high for 4-5 minutes or until it has stopped rising and is firm to the touch. Watch the chocolaty goodness rise as it cooks!

And then for the fun part!

Leave too cool for a couple of minutes before devouring the chocolaty heaven in a cup, you want to enjoy it remember!?

Since it's October and all, I decided to decorate mine with orange and black sprinkles to go with a cute but spooky Halloween theme.

I hope you all enjoyed making this, I'd love to try out some new recipes so if you liked this one tweet me @upsidedowngecko and tell me what you'd like to see me make!

My favourite things about Fall || Blogtober

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It's October 6th already and it's going far too fast for my liking if I'm honest. To me I still feel like September, but with the weather turning colder, more miserable and the leaves, turning shades of orange and brown, I can finally tell it's that time of year. Autumn. Today's post is probably going to be short and sweet, but better to post than not post at all so here we go, all my favourite things about Autumn!

1. Leaves changing colours - The contrast from having green leaves all summer to finally seeing the golden browns and oranges are just a breath of fresh air, so beautiful.

2. Pumpkins - Pumpkin everything! Lattes! Carving! Pie! Yay!

3. Mumma bears birthday - It's the only day of the year I can spoil her properly c:

4. Darker nights - Finally! Bye bye sun, finally the lay in I've been waiting for.

5. That crunching sound you get when you step on fallen leave - Need I say more? Best sound ever.

6. Colder Weather - So maybe not the wind and the rain all at the same time but it's nice to feel cosy in warm clothes outside in the cold.

7. Hot Chocolate - Caramel, Hazelnut, Mint, Orange. If you haven't tried any of these hot chocolates I suggest you do, they will change your life.

8. Insects are slowly disappearing - Yay!

9. Jumpers!

10. Family Time - Autumn to me is all about cuddling up in front of the TV with hot chocolate, cosey blankets and a good film. Can't wait to do this with mine.

So there's all my favourites for Autumn. What are yours? I'd love to hear!

My Bucket List || Blogtober

Wow, I know what you're all thinking, October 3rd already!? Seems like yesterday we were all celebrating the new year, it's scary to think how fast life goes past you sometimes and it got me thinking about how I shouldn't take life for granted and that I should grab, take chances and do everything whilst I still can. I mean, being a twenty something year old and still look like you're 16 can have some perks but that wont help me to do things that I want to do with my life.

I find myself making lists frequently, from shopping lists to lists of my favourite colours in alphabetical order, I don't know why, is that odd? I just love the fact that I can grab a pen and paper and write whatever pops into my head (just like I do on here). I also love the fact that I can draw tiny doodles on them, which is what most of my lists consist of - 10% writing, 90% doodles.

Anyway, moving on to my bucket list. I've given it some thought and I've decided that the things below are all things I want to achieve before I turn 30. I think a nine year gap to do all these things is pretty fair, gives me time to sort things out and such.

1. Buy my own house - Because lets face it, as much as I love living at home and having pretty much everything done for me sometimes a little bit of freedom to do your own thing is all you really want. Plus, getting on the property ladder has been a dream of mine for a few years, my own house to fill with quirky things. And cats. Lots of cats.

2. Save Money - I am awful at saving, and I have family and friends who can back me up with this. I want to be able to have security incase something goes wrong (touch wood it doesn't) Time to start saving!

3. See the Northern Lights - I've seen pictures but I think seeing them in person would be a breathtaking and amazing experience.

4. Run a marathon - At this moment in time I can't even run for 5 minutes straight without  getting out of breath and/or tired. I definitely need to work on my fitness levels.

5. Go to Disneyland Florida - Because I'm a big kid and I'd love to explore, see and do everything!

6. Get another tattoo - I already have three but a few more wouldn't hurt right?

7. Learn to Drive - If some of you didn't already know, I can't drive. Being able to pack up my stuff and drive somewhere now and again would be nice.

8. Book a Holiday - To anywhere! Italy, Greece, New York! I just want out of the UK for a while.

9. Solve a Rubix Cube - It's always the little things that count the most.

10. Visit the Grand Canyon - How amazing would that be? Everyone can dream, maybe one day.

One thing I am nervous about though is growing up. The whole concept of it. When are you considered to be an adult 'properly'? Why can't I be twenty something years old and still enjoy drawing with crayons or watching cartoons and not have to worry about my mother walking in and thinking aren't you a bit too old for cartoons? No one is too old for cartoons!... I'm sorry, went off for a bit there didn't I?

Take each new day as an adventure. Take risks, spend money without worrying, eat ice-cream for breakfast! Do whatever you want to do, what's stopping you?

Saying that, I should really get out of bed and do something productive with my day.

Christmas in October || Blogtober

So what better thing is there to do when you're at home and feeling sorry for yourself after being sick and sent home from work?
Why wrapping Christmas presents of course!
I know it's a little bit ridiculous considering that from now Christmas isn't for another 83 days. So close yet so far, but I can't help feeling so festive so early. I'm really looking forward to this Christmas for some reason, I'm not sure why, maybe it's the people around me or the fact that we get to buy all new decorations this year but I am very, very excited (and not just for the presents either)

Wrapping paper, name tags and present toppers found at Wilkinsons. All things Pictured here came to less than £5!

Moving on from wrapping paper and presents, I couldn't help the other day but find myself suddenly walking into John Lewis to look at their early Christmas collection they had in. I had the silly (but I also think cute) idea that me and my other half could start collecting decorations for our future Christmas's together, too soon you say? Maybe, but who cares? Let the festivities begin!

Blue/White Snowdrift glass Bauble £4.00

Pictured above is the first bauble we found which we both fell in love with. The picture really doesn't do it any justice. This certain bauble is made with glass and has a Blue/White ombre to it which makes it visually appealing and inside is filled with snow! Throw (not literally) this together with some twinkling Christmas lights and you'll definatly have a festive feel to your Christmas tree.

Acrylic Starbusrt Bauble £2.50

The second one I found, not exactly a bauble but beautiful all the same. I saw this one hanging on one of their trees which they had decorated as part of their Christmas display and loved the way the light was caught inside of this specific bauble because of the rainbow colours it created inside of the decoration itself. I also love the way its shaped like a star. How cliché of me.

Snowdrift Spun Glass Bauble £3.50

What's not to like with this elegant bauble? Crafted from glass this specific bauble can give any Christmas tree a run for it's money. And I know what you maybe thinking, that's tinsel on the inside, right? Wrong. The glass is spun in such a way that the glass inside looks like tiny icicles. Magic right?

I hope you liked Day 2 of Blogtober! I thought I'd find it difficult thinking about things to write about but my mind is so full of ideas and adventures, I can't wait to share them with you all. All decorations were purchased from John Lewis and the Wrapping paper and accessories from Wilko. I wish I had brought more than one each!

Until tomorrow. 
Toodle pip!

2Spooky5me || Blogtober

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Hello internet. Wow, October first already? Where did September go? 
Anyway.. I'm still not too late to start the whole "blogtober" thing right? I mean its not midnight yet...
In a nut shell, Blogtober is where I, the blogger, will blog every single day of this month (hopefully) with posts consisting of all the autumnal, spooky and weird and wonderful things I may come across along the way.

So stick around maybe to see what lovely adventures and wonderful things I find this month and maybe you can tell me what you guys find too? :3