Christmas in October || Blogtober

So what better thing is there to do when you're at home and feeling sorry for yourself after being sick and sent home from work?
Why wrapping Christmas presents of course!
I know it's a little bit ridiculous considering that from now Christmas isn't for another 83 days. So close yet so far, but I can't help feeling so festive so early. I'm really looking forward to this Christmas for some reason, I'm not sure why, maybe it's the people around me or the fact that we get to buy all new decorations this year but I am very, very excited (and not just for the presents either)

Wrapping paper, name tags and present toppers found at Wilkinsons. All things Pictured here came to less than £5!

Moving on from wrapping paper and presents, I couldn't help the other day but find myself suddenly walking into John Lewis to look at their early Christmas collection they had in. I had the silly (but I also think cute) idea that me and my other half could start collecting decorations for our future Christmas's together, too soon you say? Maybe, but who cares? Let the festivities begin!

Blue/White Snowdrift glass Bauble £4.00

Pictured above is the first bauble we found which we both fell in love with. The picture really doesn't do it any justice. This certain bauble is made with glass and has a Blue/White ombre to it which makes it visually appealing and inside is filled with snow! Throw (not literally) this together with some twinkling Christmas lights and you'll definatly have a festive feel to your Christmas tree.

Acrylic Starbusrt Bauble £2.50

The second one I found, not exactly a bauble but beautiful all the same. I saw this one hanging on one of their trees which they had decorated as part of their Christmas display and loved the way the light was caught inside of this specific bauble because of the rainbow colours it created inside of the decoration itself. I also love the way its shaped like a star. How cliché of me.

Snowdrift Spun Glass Bauble £3.50

What's not to like with this elegant bauble? Crafted from glass this specific bauble can give any Christmas tree a run for it's money. And I know what you maybe thinking, that's tinsel on the inside, right? Wrong. The glass is spun in such a way that the glass inside looks like tiny icicles. Magic right?

I hope you liked Day 2 of Blogtober! I thought I'd find it difficult thinking about things to write about but my mind is so full of ideas and adventures, I can't wait to share them with you all. All decorations were purchased from John Lewis and the Wrapping paper and accessories from Wilko. I wish I had brought more than one each!

Until tomorrow. 
Toodle pip!