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(Whoops I'm  a day late, but better late than never, right?)
So today me and my other half decided rather than stay in and play video games and do nothing with the day that we'd go on a little adventure. So after me forcing him awake at a ridiculous time in the morning, we both hopped on a train and headed to Torquay.

Trying to be cute on the train and not causing attention to ourselves..

I've personally never been to Torquay so finding the train station in one piece was an achievement in itself.

And then after what seemed like an eternity of walking (exaggerating a bit there, it was more like 20 minutes) we finally made it to Living Coasts! Yay! The weather was overcast but that was to be expected considering how nice the weather has been lately which is weird considering Autumn is mainly cold, wind and rain, but I'm not complaining, I'm just happy it didn't rain much whilst we were there.

Living Coasts itself is a rather titchy place, obviously made for families with small children and such but it was a nice day all the same. I wont lie, I got a little too excited when I saw the penguins and the sea lions..

Squee! I wish I could have cuddled them all.

This is the worlds itchiest Sea lion, we literally stood there for about half an hour watching him try to scratch his back. We named him Bruce because of how manly he looks.

Sleepy Sea lions
It was also nice just pottering around looking at all the different types of fish they had. Although it's not as big as previous aquariums I've been in, it was still nice to browse everything they had (whilst trying not to get run over by children and pushchairs).

After we looked through EVERYTHING we made our way to the nearest Amusement arcade. Can't go to a seaside town without visiting an amusements now can we?
We didn't really win that many tickets, only shy of 200 tickets, but the nice arcade lady still gave us two bags of haribo instead of one which I thought was lovely of her. 

My very dark OOTD

 We then made our way to Tiger Bills for Lunch where we stuffed ourselves with BBQ ribs, sweet potatoes fries and virgin cocktails. Bliss! 
After being piggies we made our way into Torquay town centre, had a hot chocolate, sat, talked, people watched. It was very lovely. I also had the pleasure of dragging my other half into almost every clothes shop in existence, and he didn't even complain once. He's so sweet. 

The rest was a bit of a blur after heading home on the train. I've been so tired recently I can't think straight. Think it's time to get some sleep now!
Toodle pip!

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