My favourite Halloween Costumes || Blogtober

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Hello people of the internet, how are we all today?
I thought today I'd talk about Halloween costumes and give you a little help with ideas on what you guys could transform yourself into for the day/night. I'm so excited for Halloween this year but i'll be travelling to London on the day which means unfortunately for me, I wont be dressing up this year, but that wont stop you guys now, will it? Anyway, here's my list on my favourite Halloween costumes:

1. Ghostbusters
2. Mrs. Doubtfire
3. Animal, e.g. cat, dog, lion
4. Wednesday Adams
5. Corpse Bride
6. Zombie
7. Jigsaw (Saw)
8. Pikachu
9. Bane (Batman)
10. Mermaid
11. Alien 
12. People from different decades (70's, 80's, 90's, etc)
13 Sea Witch
14. Disney princesses
15. Disney villains 
16. Finn the Human
17. Princess Bubblegum
18. Karen (From The Grudge)
19. Flapper girl
20. Sugar skull

I hope you guys enjoyed reading today's post, I know its not that long but my brain is feeling a little frazzled at the moment. Hopefully I've helped you choose a costume idea for Halloween too! 

Until tomorrow.