My favourite things about Fall || Blogtober

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It's October 6th already and it's going far too fast for my liking if I'm honest. To me I still feel like September, but with the weather turning colder, more miserable and the leaves, turning shades of orange and brown, I can finally tell it's that time of year. Autumn. Today's post is probably going to be short and sweet, but better to post than not post at all so here we go, all my favourite things about Autumn!

1. Leaves changing colours - The contrast from having green leaves all summer to finally seeing the golden browns and oranges are just a breath of fresh air, so beautiful.

2. Pumpkins - Pumpkin everything! Lattes! Carving! Pie! Yay!

3. Mumma bears birthday - It's the only day of the year I can spoil her properly c:

4. Darker nights - Finally! Bye bye sun, finally the lay in I've been waiting for.

5. That crunching sound you get when you step on fallen leave - Need I say more? Best sound ever.

6. Colder Weather - So maybe not the wind and the rain all at the same time but it's nice to feel cosy in warm clothes outside in the cold.

7. Hot Chocolate - Caramel, Hazelnut, Mint, Orange. If you haven't tried any of these hot chocolates I suggest you do, they will change your life.

8. Insects are slowly disappearing - Yay!

9. Jumpers!

10. Family Time - Autumn to me is all about cuddling up in front of the TV with hot chocolate, cosey blankets and a good film. Can't wait to do this with mine.

So there's all my favourites for Autumn. What are yours? I'd love to hear!