What I did today

As if me and my other half just spent the last two hours sitting infront of my computer, watching The Hunger Games and devouring an entire thing of Lidnt chocolate. I can honestly say I feel a little bit like a piggy right now. But a very cute piggy, obviously.

Anyway, onto new things; Today is Sunday, and you know what that means, right? You guessed it; Tomorrow's Monday. I shudder just at the thought of it, the begging to a new week, can it just be the weekend again please?

Today was a little productive, I can say that. I woke up at 1pm. Which is early for me considering I finished work at midnight, got home at 1am, then continued to play Peggle until bedtime, a pretty good night if I do say so myself. Onto today though; Myself, my other half and and my family ventured into the never ending store called Makro (It's a massive outlet store that sells almost everything) it was pretty eventful. I had the clever idea of standing on one of the trolleys and then my boyfriend almost running at full speed and pushing me towards the front of the store, definitely worth a go, especially if you cant get to a theme park. After tracking through the store we finally chose our turkey for this Christmas! Now I know what you maybe thinking, "Laura, why are you buying your Christmas turkey so early?". Well, let me tell you, for me, this isn't early, if I had it my way, I would have brought it back in September, I have it in my head that the earlier I get it, the less I have to worry about them running out of turkeys nearer the time. At least they'll be plenty of turkey sandwiches after Christmas and probably through into the new year. 

After all the shenanigans caused throughout Makro, we then decided to get some dinner at the local Beefeater, it wasn't as glamorous as I thought it would be with some staff being a little rude and ignoring us but the food was still good all the same, I'd maybe go back, just probably not to that one any time soon. 

And now back to the begging, me and my boyfriend are now sat infront of my computer now watching different YouTube videos and just winding down from a hectic-ish day, it's lovely just spending time with him and I love the fact we can enjoy each others company and not always have to have a conversation, it's nice, y'know?

I'm hoping to try and have an early night tonight, I've just been informed by mumma bear that she wants me to get up early so I can venture into town with her before work. Tomorrow is going to be fun.. And tiring. 

Also, I love Coldplay's new song 'Adventure of a Lifetime' and if you haven't listened to it already you should!

Midnight Thoughts

Okay so maybe more like 1am thoughts but I thought the title sounded way cuter than '1am thoughts'.. Now I think about it, anything sounds better than that. This isn't really what I'd call a 'proper' blog post, I just felt like writing, but had nothing to write about. Is that even a thing? Wanting to write, but whatever idea you had to write about in your head just vanishes into nothing like it never existed. Poof, gone. No? Just me then.

It's nearly 2am now. I'm sat in front of my computer, on the edge of my bed, grudging the cold and feeling all humbug-ey, not because it's less than 35 days until Christmas (Not that I'm counting) I just really, really, really, really hate the cold weather, like some cold is okay, y'know the cold breeze you get in summer at night? That is an acceptable about amount of cold? But the British winter? No. A big no no. I honestly don't know how people live in igloos or on the colder climates, maybe they're just more bad ass than me. (Maybe). I prefer the beginning of the Summer, when it's not too hot and not too cold, and you can go outside and not have to worry about getting cold but also not worry about getting roasted like a marshmallow, that's the best kind of weather. But then if rain is going to get involved that's a whole different story, I mean, I love snuggling under blankets, watching it bucket down with rain with the heating on and a hot chocolate with a mountain of whipped cream on, who doesn't? But I hate hate HATE when it's raining, but sunny at the same time. How does that even work!? It's like mother nature couldn't make her mind up on something so it has to be both or nothing at all. I don't know why it bugs me so much, it just does, silly isn't it?

Back to Christmas talk and I'm actually a little bit excited for it this year. I haven't felt a build up to Christmas like this since I was little and the feeling is kinda nice. I know most of the christmassy vibe is mainly commercial nowadays but I still like the fact that everyone gets together with their family to spend the day together, whether they like it or not. 
I'm also super excited spending Christmas with my partner. It's our first festive day together and as cliché as it sounds I just want it to be perfect. He also hates the fact I got him lots of little presents so I'm also looking forward to his facial expressions when he opens them; Which will probably look alot like:

me: O(≧▽≦)O  him: ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ ︵ ┻━┻

Starting to think about going to bed now. Maybe. Snuggling up under the warm covers actually sounds so appealing. 

I'm sorry for the random spam of thoughts just felt like my brain was going to explode if I didn't write something.

Sweet dreams all.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 'quick' Review: Bang Pow


The six hour story is set 50 years in the future and 40 years after Black Ops II. Being the twelfth entry into the Black Ops franchise, all I can say is this time round it includes its own technological sounds and words that we can only hope to get used to. 

After all, the game starts in a world which is already crumbling around us and that but this time we have "Direct Neural Interface", DNI for short to help us. This global technology allows humans in game to interact mentally with computers, weapons, other people and more. Personally, I find it extremely satisfying hacking into turrets and blowing up people with the element of surprise, but maybe that's just me. The game also introduces amazing abilities and new limitations that has changed the way Call Of Duty can be played, for example, you can't use enemies dropped weapons because they are registered to someone else's brain - Hence the focus on cool combat powers. 

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Official Trailer

One things for sure is that it's a super fast paced, jam packed first person shooter that I can keep on playing and not get bored of. Of course after being in development for just over three years, you can definitely tell that Treyarch haven't wasted a single day in making sure that this game is packed full of new features, like being given the option of playing as a male or female, to being able to control a swarm of nano bots with your mind, crazy right? And to make it even better all of the options (Control, Martial or Chaos) have differing effects depending how good (or bad) you do in battle. 

The widespread campaign can also be played with as many as four players co-operatively meaning there is less of a "One route feel" through the different levels. 

Moving onto multilayer, you are able to choose from one of the nine specialist characters the game has to offer, with the option to unlock more as you level up over time, meaning that you can benefit in game from tailor-made abilities as well as weapons, this means, if you're like me, this is going to take you freakin' AGES, otherwise, it wont take you too long. I also like the fact you can level up and unlock different parts for the guns you use too.

I mean, look how badass I am?

And now onto my absolute favourite; Zombies.
With the Shadows of Evil Map, you have four characters you can play as Nero, Jessica, Vincent & Floyd Campbell, who are all liars and killers, all wake in Morg city, a fictional 1940's styled type place overrun by zombies. The setting is visually appealing, easy on the eye but beautiful at the same time,  it almost reminds me of how the Bioshock series is made up in terms of artwork. Moving on,  you are then guided through the city by a mysterious (and most of the time, unreliable) figure named "The Shadow Man". 

Just like the previous Zombies mode, players earn money for repairing barricades, killing enemies and more, using this money to buy upgrades so that they can survive the next wave of zombies.

Zombies layout for Multi-player

However, one thing I personally like about the new Zombies mode is the XP-based progression system, making sure that each time you play Zombies mode, the game gives you a more personalized experience, also adding depth in game as well as re-playability. 
Another new BIG addition to Zombies is the ability to "Become the Beast". I wont go to much into it as I don't want to spoil the game for people who have yet to play but once you see certain fiery shrines, you'll be ripping the un-dead apart, literally. 

All in all from the four player co-op campaign to the mystical blood ridden Zombies mode, Black Ops 3 definity pushes the whole series forward into the future. Even when you think the game maybe going down hill even just a little bit, Bo3 still meets the high bar that Call of Duty fans expect. Personally it's the most jam-packed, feature filled game I've played yet. 

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Stress & How to Stop it

I never realised how stressful it can be to organise something. Whether it be from your own birthday party, to planning works Christmas party, I always get myself into stressful situations. Do any of you find yourself making situations you get yourself into harder than they're supposed to be, either because some things not going your way, or.. Just because?
I find myself getting stressed, worked up and upset over silly things that probably dont even matter right now, all we should think is "If I don't do it today, will it matter a month from now?". Not everything is important and has to be done straight away... Unless it's exams and you've procrastinated until last minute with revision, in which case, my prayers go out to you. 

I thought it I would write down some of the ways I like to calm down, relax, let off some steam, whatever you like to call it, and share it with you, so next time you're uptight or stressed, you can look back at this and try for yourself, but lets all hope it doesn't come to that soon!

  • Take deep breaths to calm down - Probably the most obvious but you can sometimes overlook even the simplest of activities because of certain citations. It can even work better (And sometimes faster) than other techniques out there.

  • Reduce the multi-tasking and multi-thinking - Everyone does it from time to time but its been proven that even multi-tasking can be inefficient, even to the point of dumbing us down. The same for multi-thinking, when your mind is frantically jumping from one thought to another, trying to focus on a million things at once, we can often make silly mistakes. Try meditation to make you feel more relaxed. Being relaxed can also make you feel more creative and make you feel less overwhelmed. 

  • Change your surroundings - Everyone deserves time off, whether it be from work or personal life. Turn off your internet, unplug your phone, turn off your TV. Go into the bubble. Just enjoy the now. 

  • Pet therapy - Pets can be a great help during stressful moment in our lives. Its been proven (I Googled it) that just petting and playing with your dog, cat, lizard, whatever, can lower high blood pressure, improve your immune system and boost your mood. Pets also make amazing conversation partners, they never judge you and almost always listen to you.
And what do you do if all else fails? Why buy a violent shoot-em-up and shoot the stress away just like I do! (Just incase someone is under 18 and reading this: A violent shoot-em up game!!?? Why nooo, that wont work at all, I suggest an adult colouring book.. Or a walk..)

How do you guys deal with stress when it hits you? Personally, I like the above advice.. Or just drop everything for a loong nap.

Writing Makes Me Feel Better

Oh wow, hello blog, old friend, how have you been?
Apologies for the lack of Blogtober posts.. Or any blog posts for that matter but I needed some time to get my head together after a few sad things that have happened throughout my life recently. I won't go into it too much but the main reason is that throughout the beginning of October my dearest nanny died after being on earth for 73 years. I miss her everyday but I'm happy that she didn't suffer, she wasn't in pain, and her whole family were and are still there for her.  
Another reason is that my mum and step-dad have gone separate ways. I wont go into more detail than that, it's not my business to spread across the internet.

Anyway, there's the bad stuff out of the way, now for some good stuff. 
What have I missed since I've been away? Well, I haven't been away away, I've still been here the whole time, just a bit brain dead when it comes towards actually writing something, but now I'm back, with my head full of weird and wonderful and strange things to share with you all. Awesome right?.. Maybe..

Saying that how was Halloween for everyone? Good I hope, I was planning on dressing up this year and going around scaring people (not that I need to dress up for that) but I ended up spending a few days in London instead. How does that happen you may ask? Well I have a very lovely partner, aha. We still didn't really do anything Halloween-ish, we spent the night in our cosey hotel in the middle of Covent Garden watching movies and cuddling, kinda cliché but I wouldn't have changed it for anything else. I wish sometimes life could just be cuddling and watching movies and being snug in bed and blankets all the time.
I did however, dress up in work for Halloween the day before, I thought it would be a good idea to wear contacts to make my outfit better. It wasn't a good idea, well, it probably would have been if I was organised better, but I ended up with one contact in and one out, I dont think I put them in properly and couldn't see much out of my right eye, it was still effective though, scared a few people.. Of course, not intentionally. 
My attempt of a Zombie cat. Spooky right?

The rest of October was a bit of a blur, I can't remember much. Yesterday was lovely too, me and my partner and his friends went to watch fireworks at a display in West-point, I wish I took pictures, but it was the first proper firework display I have seen in Years and I was to entranced watching the actual fireworks to do anything else, it's like giving a cat a lazer pointer and them concentrating on getting the dots, I was like that, except I wasn't actually trying to catch the fireworks.. I was just watching them. 

So November, we're already seven days in now. Seven weeks until Christmas, that's kinda scary to think. So what goals should I give myself this month? Hmm..

  • Drink more water - I've been drinking a ridiculous amount of Lucozade recently, as much as I love it, it's time to detox my body a bit. 
  • Do some sort of Physical activity at least once a week - Gotta start somewhere right? Even if it's just getting out of bed..
  • Save some money - Being an adult is fun, yay!

So that's it, three easy-ish goals to try and achieve by the end of November, I know its not much but easy does it, am I right? Here's to more blog posts, yay!

Also added some Christmas lights to my blog to make it more festive.. Kinda, I'm working on it okay?