Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 'quick' Review: Bang Pow


The six hour story is set 50 years in the future and 40 years after Black Ops II. Being the twelfth entry into the Black Ops franchise, all I can say is this time round it includes its own technological sounds and words that we can only hope to get used to. 

After all, the game starts in a world which is already crumbling around us and that but this time we have "Direct Neural Interface", DNI for short to help us. This global technology allows humans in game to interact mentally with computers, weapons, other people and more. Personally, I find it extremely satisfying hacking into turrets and blowing up people with the element of surprise, but maybe that's just me. The game also introduces amazing abilities and new limitations that has changed the way Call Of Duty can be played, for example, you can't use enemies dropped weapons because they are registered to someone else's brain - Hence the focus on cool combat powers. 

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Official Trailer

One things for sure is that it's a super fast paced, jam packed first person shooter that I can keep on playing and not get bored of. Of course after being in development for just over three years, you can definitely tell that Treyarch haven't wasted a single day in making sure that this game is packed full of new features, like being given the option of playing as a male or female, to being able to control a swarm of nano bots with your mind, crazy right? And to make it even better all of the options (Control, Martial or Chaos) have differing effects depending how good (or bad) you do in battle. 

The widespread campaign can also be played with as many as four players co-operatively meaning there is less of a "One route feel" through the different levels. 

Moving onto multilayer, you are able to choose from one of the nine specialist characters the game has to offer, with the option to unlock more as you level up over time, meaning that you can benefit in game from tailor-made abilities as well as weapons, this means, if you're like me, this is going to take you freakin' AGES, otherwise, it wont take you too long. I also like the fact you can level up and unlock different parts for the guns you use too.

I mean, look how badass I am?

And now onto my absolute favourite; Zombies.
With the Shadows of Evil Map, you have four characters you can play as Nero, Jessica, Vincent & Floyd Campbell, who are all liars and killers, all wake in Morg city, a fictional 1940's styled type place overrun by zombies. The setting is visually appealing, easy on the eye but beautiful at the same time,  it almost reminds me of how the Bioshock series is made up in terms of artwork. Moving on,  you are then guided through the city by a mysterious (and most of the time, unreliable) figure named "The Shadow Man". 

Just like the previous Zombies mode, players earn money for repairing barricades, killing enemies and more, using this money to buy upgrades so that they can survive the next wave of zombies.

Zombies layout for Multi-player

However, one thing I personally like about the new Zombies mode is the XP-based progression system, making sure that each time you play Zombies mode, the game gives you a more personalized experience, also adding depth in game as well as re-playability. 
Another new BIG addition to Zombies is the ability to "Become the Beast". I wont go to much into it as I don't want to spoil the game for people who have yet to play but once you see certain fiery shrines, you'll be ripping the un-dead apart, literally. 

All in all from the four player co-op campaign to the mystical blood ridden Zombies mode, Black Ops 3 definity pushes the whole series forward into the future. Even when you think the game maybe going down hill even just a little bit, Bo3 still meets the high bar that Call of Duty fans expect. Personally it's the most jam-packed, feature filled game I've played yet. 

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