Stress & How to Stop it

I never realised how stressful it can be to organise something. Whether it be from your own birthday party, to planning works Christmas party, I always get myself into stressful situations. Do any of you find yourself making situations you get yourself into harder than they're supposed to be, either because some things not going your way, or.. Just because?
I find myself getting stressed, worked up and upset over silly things that probably dont even matter right now, all we should think is "If I don't do it today, will it matter a month from now?". Not everything is important and has to be done straight away... Unless it's exams and you've procrastinated until last minute with revision, in which case, my prayers go out to you. 

I thought it I would write down some of the ways I like to calm down, relax, let off some steam, whatever you like to call it, and share it with you, so next time you're uptight or stressed, you can look back at this and try for yourself, but lets all hope it doesn't come to that soon!

  • Take deep breaths to calm down - Probably the most obvious but you can sometimes overlook even the simplest of activities because of certain citations. It can even work better (And sometimes faster) than other techniques out there.

  • Reduce the multi-tasking and multi-thinking - Everyone does it from time to time but its been proven that even multi-tasking can be inefficient, even to the point of dumbing us down. The same for multi-thinking, when your mind is frantically jumping from one thought to another, trying to focus on a million things at once, we can often make silly mistakes. Try meditation to make you feel more relaxed. Being relaxed can also make you feel more creative and make you feel less overwhelmed. 

  • Change your surroundings - Everyone deserves time off, whether it be from work or personal life. Turn off your internet, unplug your phone, turn off your TV. Go into the bubble. Just enjoy the now. 

  • Pet therapy - Pets can be a great help during stressful moment in our lives. Its been proven (I Googled it) that just petting and playing with your dog, cat, lizard, whatever, can lower high blood pressure, improve your immune system and boost your mood. Pets also make amazing conversation partners, they never judge you and almost always listen to you.
And what do you do if all else fails? Why buy a violent shoot-em-up and shoot the stress away just like I do! (Just incase someone is under 18 and reading this: A violent shoot-em up game!!?? Why nooo, that wont work at all, I suggest an adult colouring book.. Or a walk..)

How do you guys deal with stress when it hits you? Personally, I like the above advice.. Or just drop everything for a loong nap.