What I did today

As if me and my other half just spent the last two hours sitting infront of my computer, watching The Hunger Games and devouring an entire thing of Lidnt chocolate. I can honestly say I feel a little bit like a piggy right now. But a very cute piggy, obviously.

Anyway, onto new things; Today is Sunday, and you know what that means, right? You guessed it; Tomorrow's Monday. I shudder just at the thought of it, the begging to a new week, can it just be the weekend again please?

Today was a little productive, I can say that. I woke up at 1pm. Which is early for me considering I finished work at midnight, got home at 1am, then continued to play Peggle until bedtime, a pretty good night if I do say so myself. Onto today though; Myself, my other half and and my family ventured into the never ending store called Makro (It's a massive outlet store that sells almost everything) it was pretty eventful. I had the clever idea of standing on one of the trolleys and then my boyfriend almost running at full speed and pushing me towards the front of the store, definitely worth a go, especially if you cant get to a theme park. After tracking through the store we finally chose our turkey for this Christmas! Now I know what you maybe thinking, "Laura, why are you buying your Christmas turkey so early?". Well, let me tell you, for me, this isn't early, if I had it my way, I would have brought it back in September, I have it in my head that the earlier I get it, the less I have to worry about them running out of turkeys nearer the time. At least they'll be plenty of turkey sandwiches after Christmas and probably through into the new year. 

After all the shenanigans caused throughout Makro, we then decided to get some dinner at the local Beefeater, it wasn't as glamorous as I thought it would be with some staff being a little rude and ignoring us but the food was still good all the same, I'd maybe go back, just probably not to that one any time soon. 

And now back to the begging, me and my boyfriend are now sat infront of my computer now watching different YouTube videos and just winding down from a hectic-ish day, it's lovely just spending time with him and I love the fact we can enjoy each others company and not always have to have a conversation, it's nice, y'know?

I'm hoping to try and have an early night tonight, I've just been informed by mumma bear that she wants me to get up early so I can venture into town with her before work. Tomorrow is going to be fun.. And tiring. 

Also, I love Coldplay's new song 'Adventure of a Lifetime' and if you haven't listened to it already you should!