Writing Makes Me Feel Better

Oh wow, hello blog, old friend, how have you been?
Apologies for the lack of Blogtober posts.. Or any blog posts for that matter but I needed some time to get my head together after a few sad things that have happened throughout my life recently. I won't go into it too much but the main reason is that throughout the beginning of October my dearest nanny died after being on earth for 73 years. I miss her everyday but I'm happy that she didn't suffer, she wasn't in pain, and her whole family were and are still there for her.  
Another reason is that my mum and step-dad have gone separate ways. I wont go into more detail than that, it's not my business to spread across the internet.

Anyway, there's the bad stuff out of the way, now for some good stuff. 
What have I missed since I've been away? Well, I haven't been away away, I've still been here the whole time, just a bit brain dead when it comes towards actually writing something, but now I'm back, with my head full of weird and wonderful and strange things to share with you all. Awesome right?.. Maybe..

Saying that how was Halloween for everyone? Good I hope, I was planning on dressing up this year and going around scaring people (not that I need to dress up for that) but I ended up spending a few days in London instead. How does that happen you may ask? Well I have a very lovely partner, aha. We still didn't really do anything Halloween-ish, we spent the night in our cosey hotel in the middle of Covent Garden watching movies and cuddling, kinda cliché but I wouldn't have changed it for anything else. I wish sometimes life could just be cuddling and watching movies and being snug in bed and blankets all the time.
I did however, dress up in work for Halloween the day before, I thought it would be a good idea to wear contacts to make my outfit better. It wasn't a good idea, well, it probably would have been if I was organised better, but I ended up with one contact in and one out, I dont think I put them in properly and couldn't see much out of my right eye, it was still effective though, scared a few people.. Of course, not intentionally. 
My attempt of a Zombie cat. Spooky right?

The rest of October was a bit of a blur, I can't remember much. Yesterday was lovely too, me and my partner and his friends went to watch fireworks at a display in West-point, I wish I took pictures, but it was the first proper firework display I have seen in Years and I was to entranced watching the actual fireworks to do anything else, it's like giving a cat a lazer pointer and them concentrating on getting the dots, I was like that, except I wasn't actually trying to catch the fireworks.. I was just watching them. 

So November, we're already seven days in now. Seven weeks until Christmas, that's kinda scary to think. So what goals should I give myself this month? Hmm..

  • Drink more water - I've been drinking a ridiculous amount of Lucozade recently, as much as I love it, it's time to detox my body a bit. 
  • Do some sort of Physical activity at least once a week - Gotta start somewhere right? Even if it's just getting out of bed..
  • Save some money - Being an adult is fun, yay!

So that's it, three easy-ish goals to try and achieve by the end of November, I know its not much but easy does it, am I right? Here's to more blog posts, yay!

Also added some Christmas lights to my blog to make it more festive.. Kinda, I'm working on it okay?