"Boyfriend mode" || Blogmas

Today my other half thought it would be a nice idea if he wrote something for you all to read today, so I thought I'd take it easy on you all and warn you before you read on. He's not a bad writer, honest, I just thought it would be a good idea if you guys knew before hand so that you know my blog hasn't hacked, or messed about with, nope. It's just him and his thoughts, so without further ado, I present the rest of this blog post in "boyfriend mode".



No but in all seriousness it is time for the writings. As its December its only fitting to have a Christmassy subject so I thought about what Christmas means to me.

Christmas at the be-all and end-all of everything to me is about spending time with family and loved ones. Usually I get to spend the day with my family, my brother comes down from Cardiff and me, him, Mother and Father all sit down and have a lovely roast dinner (Waaaaaay too much Turkey... Not that you could ever have too much mind you), open crackers with each other so we all have a hat to wear while we eat and read our 'jokes'.  Now I probably don't say this enough to them but I really appreciate this time my family all have to sit down together and be a family as the way the working world is these days we rarely have time to anymore. Brother is up Cardiff, Father works mornings, I work nights, and Mother Dearest works at a hospital so she works some crazy shifts, sadly this year one of those shifts is Christmas day where she will be working till 4pm :(

After our bountiful banquet of roasted goodies we all sit down in the living room, share around the presents so we are all opening something at once, for me it tends to be opening something like a bucket of paint or cutlery thanks to my brothers random trait of finding me random gifts each year. We then read the cards sent from our loved ones and generally have a good time before we eventually get around to our traditional activity of playing one of our very old board games.

This might sound boring but we do it every year and I really do enjoy the time we spend together before we eventually go back to work. For me its never about what gifts I receive, heck I would be happy with nothing but the time spent with my family, its about the giving. I will always go out my way to use whatever randomness my brother gets me, at least once. I've worn a mankini, used an extendable fork at a wedding party, painted a wall and planter for my parents (although I didn't realise at the time it was indoor paint so the rain washed it away). All sorts.

This year I have something different in Laura, I have my beautiful partner to spend Christmas now and hopefully make her smile all day. Its going to be something new to me so hopefully I don't mess it up but I am really, really looking forward to it. After seeing the Christmas lights turned on in our town as well with her I am feeling all googly inside ready for it.

One thing I don't like about Christmas is retail. Why does Christmas have to start back in August for retailers? For me it just ruins the magic of Christmas and it feels like Christmas is almost over before it truly begins. I like Christmas to be in December, maybe a bit of November. I want the magic. I want Santa. I want snow. Here's to hoping we get some this year. I love snow :3

Anyway I think its about time I un-hack this blog and pass it back to my beautiful baby girl. Boyfriend over and out!

Cute Christmas Tree Alternatives || Blogmas

It's the time of year where everyone is putting up their Christmas trees, real ones, plastic ones, maybe even 'alternative' ones. I took it upon myself to search the weird and wonderful parts of the internet to find cute, unusual and just plain weird alternative Christmas trees. 

I love the simplicity of the 'tree' above, there's not much to look at but it's still visually appealing.

This one is super cute, fairy lights glued sticks which are stuck onto the wall in the shape of a tree, a simple but effective idea. Decorations can also be used to give it that festive look, maybe I should try this.

I saw this photo posted alot around the internet a few years ago and thought it was brilliant. Ball-balls are hung from the licencing with invisible string and are made to look like a Christmas tree with the different lengths of string used. Whoever thought of this is a genius.

Another simple but cutesy idea used with just fairy lights. I like this idea more for children, only because I like the idea of doing something like this, but on a chalk board painted wall, that way everyone can draw their own decorations on the 'tree'.

I hope you liked looking through these Christmas alternatives, if you have your own please share, I'd love to see them!


Feeling Festive || Blogmas

22 days. 22 days. 22 DAYS, WHY CAN'T CHRISTMAS BE HERE NOW!? URGH.
No but seriously, after everything that's happened this year I'm surprisingly looking forward to this Christmas.. Perhaps too much?


And it's not because of the yummy festive treats either..

Especially excited this year because I get to spend it with some lovely people, I've made some amazing friends in my new job and I'm looking forward to our Christmas party which took my god knows how long to organise and confirm everything, didn't realise how something like that could be so stressful, just hoping it's worth it! Also excited to be spending it with my family and my boyfriend, it's the first Christmas I've been able to actually 'buy' presents for everyone so I'm especially excited for when everyone gets to open them.

Another thing I love about this season is that everything looks so cosey. Bedrooms, living-rooms, cafe's, you name it, something around Winter time just makes everything athousand times cosier. Adding fairy lights around everything just gives it that kind of vibe, am I right?

As for working around Christmas? I really am looking forward climbing into my new bed at the end of every, single, shift.


Christmas Playlist || Blogmas

It's compulsory that during the entire month of December that cheesy Christmas songs have to be played. The festive adverts have already creeped their way onto our televisions so its only fitting to have the songs thrown in with them too. I decided to create a playlist with a few of my festive favourites on them so you guys can enjoy them too :)


Too Tired To Function #2 || Blogmas

I'll admit, yes I have been a little quiet here recently but I have been super busy with work and personal life so I thought that would be a valid excuse to use.
Also its December 1st already? Wasn't it just the beginning of September or something? Why has it gone so quickly? It's like I blinked and BOOM it's almost Christmas.. Then 2016, kinda scary. It's like you blink and almost three months of your life have just dissapeared into nothing. 

Also been a little brain dead lately, I wont lie, I've had no motivation to write anything, at all, even when I'm laid in bed, staring at the ceiling and probably could be writing about something, Id honestly write  nothing. I'd rather post something I was happy with and that I think you guys would enjoy reading, rather than posting something I wasn't happy with. I hope you guys can understand that.

Hoping to get my writing mojo back soon, sorry guys, hope you understand.