Cute Christmas Tree Alternatives || Blogmas

It's the time of year where everyone is putting up their Christmas trees, real ones, plastic ones, maybe even 'alternative' ones. I took it upon myself to search the weird and wonderful parts of the internet to find cute, unusual and just plain weird alternative Christmas trees. 

I love the simplicity of the 'tree' above, there's not much to look at but it's still visually appealing.

This one is super cute, fairy lights glued sticks which are stuck onto the wall in the shape of a tree, a simple but effective idea. Decorations can also be used to give it that festive look, maybe I should try this.

I saw this photo posted alot around the internet a few years ago and thought it was brilliant. Ball-balls are hung from the licencing with invisible string and are made to look like a Christmas tree with the different lengths of string used. Whoever thought of this is a genius.

Another simple but cutesy idea used with just fairy lights. I like this idea more for children, only because I like the idea of doing something like this, but on a chalk board painted wall, that way everyone can draw their own decorations on the 'tree'.

I hope you liked looking through these Christmas alternatives, if you have your own please share, I'd love to see them!