Feeling Festive || Blogmas

22 days. 22 days. 22 DAYS, WHY CAN'T CHRISTMAS BE HERE NOW!? URGH.
No but seriously, after everything that's happened this year I'm surprisingly looking forward to this Christmas.. Perhaps too much?


And it's not because of the yummy festive treats either..

Especially excited this year because I get to spend it with some lovely people, I've made some amazing friends in my new job and I'm looking forward to our Christmas party which took my god knows how long to organise and confirm everything, didn't realise how something like that could be so stressful, just hoping it's worth it! Also excited to be spending it with my family and my boyfriend, it's the first Christmas I've been able to actually 'buy' presents for everyone so I'm especially excited for when everyone gets to open them.

Another thing I love about this season is that everything looks so cosey. Bedrooms, living-rooms, cafe's, you name it, something around Winter time just makes everything athousand times cosier. Adding fairy lights around everything just gives it that kind of vibe, am I right?

As for working around Christmas? I really am looking forward climbing into my new bed at the end of every, single, shift.