I brought a book today, seem to be buying too many books recently and not actually reading them but this time I'm forcing myself to read it. I need inspiration, not even that really, probably just a big win on the lottery, that would be nice, but everyone says that, don't they? And lets be fair, you get no where in life without hard work.

That's why I'm hoping this little idea of mine will eventually be taken into consideration. I don't want to go too into it because of prowling eyes but I promise when I can I will write more about it, but for now I will let you all imagine what my super duper amazing idea could be. 

Chroma Keyboard Audio Visualizer

Just a super quick update to say I got super excited when I discovered you can turn your Chroma keyboard into an audio visualizer, so I went straight into Chroma apps and downloaded the app to make the thing happen and I'm super excited right now I mean look!!!!

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Cake for Breakfast

Good morning world. Or should I say, afternoon. I just finished eating Angel cake for breakfast. Breakfast. How healthy of me. I mean, really it's Sunday I can do what I want, i'll get up at 2PM and eat cake for breakfast if I wanna, because I'm an adult! But in all seriousness, I did the dishes and cleaned the house so I felt like a little treat, that little bit of cake it literally all the food we have in the house right now, kinda. I'm too lazy to cook, okay?

Apologies for the super short post, I just felt like writing this down. To make up for it, here's a picture of some kittens:


Being adult

I changed the name of my blog there, so there's that. Felt like changing it up a bit, y'know, because it's 2016 and all that. Today was pretty eventful, my original plans for today was to sit in bed, in my pyjamas, and play video games. Did that happen? Did it heck. 
My friend invited me out into town and I thought to myself yeah, why not go out instead of staying in moping by myself all day. So I dragged myself out of bed, showered, dressed, put my face on and eventually got ready to go out. I got out as far as my back garden before bursting into tears because I couldn't find my bus ticket. Pathetic right? I've been stressing over the most ridiculous things lately, I mean, crying over a lost bus ticket? Really? I found it eventually.. In my dressing gown pocket..

My "I have to go outside be an adult and socialize" face.

So after super stressing out, I eventually made my way into town where I met my friend, he treated me to a Starbucks (Thank you!) and we just wondered round like headless chickens basically.. Went into a bunch of shops, didn't buy anything..

We also got Burger King (So much for being healthy am I right?) because I thought, "hey I got vouchers on my phone, why not save money", and y'know what, we did not regret eating everything at all today.

Look at all that super deliciousness! Omnomnom..

Not going to lie to you guys though, I'm going over my Grandmas house soon for a super late Christmas kind of thing and guess what we're having for dinner. Chinese. Urgh, my body is going to hate me tomorrow. Wish me luck at my Grandmas by the way, the only thing that's going to get me through is knowing I get to play video games and have cuddles with my big bear later. 

What did you guys do today?


Day off blues

So I sit here writing this I'm thinking to myself; "wow, I could be working right now, maybe then I wouldn't be so bored". And then when I'm at work I think to myself "wow, I could be in bed right now". I really can't win with myself when it comes to being productive. I could literally sit in front of my PC all day and happily play video-games all day.. And I just downloaded this super cute game on my phone where you collect kittens and cats so I could play that all day. 
Or I could go outside and take the dogs for a walk, although it is super cold outside and it's been raining, and I don't own any wellies which is also another downfall of that idea. Y'know I would bake cakes and cook too, but that also means I have to go outside and get ingredients to do so, and I'd I have to dressed out of my pyjamas which might I add, are super comfy right now. TV is also an option but nothing interesting is on to watch, I only really watch TV for Jeremy Kyle (Don't judge), South Park and late night TV. 

Guess there's only one thing to do today then.

Video games!


Random thought Thursday #001

So as I sit here staring blankly at my computer screen it hit me; why not make "random thoughts Thursday" a thing. So here we are. And right now, as I write this sentence, my mind goes completely blank. Brilliant. Great work, Brain. Sigh.
I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this, but I thought that having something random to write about, whether it be my thoughts, opinions, events, or something else entirely, it spices up my blog abit, y'know? Gives you something to look forward to during the week. Because obviously I have a ton of readers (heh). But in all seriousness, Thursdays can be my blabber-mouth, gobbledygook, nothing makes sense kind of posts. 
See? None of that made sense at all, did it? Maybe? Kind of?

I was going somewhere with this, honestly. I woke up, early, which for me is definitely out of the ordinary with ideas swimming through my Brain and as soon as I bring up Blogger to write it all done POOF gone. It's like my own mind is playing mind games with me. Do you find that you have a really good idea, like, a maybe life changing idea that is super awesome, and you bring up Word pad, or Paint, or grab a piece of paper to write that super awesome idea down, and as soon as your pen hits the paper, or your fingers touch the keyboard, the idea vanishes, forever, like it never existed. I get so frustrated when this happens. The only one I ever did get to write down was when I was about nine years old, I had the oh so brilliant idea of invented a hover car that ran on solar power.. And tooth-paste. Why you ask? Well, at the time, I thought is was a good idea, and naive nine year old Laura thought tooth-paste is a cheaper alternative to petrol & diesel, right? I struggle to remember where the hover car part came from, I used to watch alot of sci-fi movies, maybe that influenced me a bit?
Random right? 

My minds gone blank again, so I guess that's a wrap for today. The cogs in my head have worked over time this morning to write, well, whatever this is.

I might make what I'm listening to right now a thing too, so lets do that, right now I'm listening to this:

Don't judge me it's a good song. 

I should really go and to adult things now, like get dressed and go to work... Urggghhhhhhh.

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Feels good to be back on the Internet

As sad as the title sounds, I'm not going to lie to you guys but living without a computer for the past month has not only been boring but an absolute nightmare. I didn't realise how much I relied on my computer to give me entertainment with video games, movies, writing, etc, but I do. 

My first PC that I brought all by myself was sadly put to rest on the 28th December 2015 after the graphics card and Hard drive just gave up. It broke my heart, literally. It was something I put alot of hard work into and to have it all go in a matter of seconds was very depressing. I felt like I loss a limb. But I thought to myself, maybe it's my babies way (yes, my PC was my baby, don't judge) of telling me to let go and upgrade... So after alot of crying and feeling sorry for myself that's exactly what I did.
And after waiting what seemed like an eternity, it finally arrived. And in a huge ass box if I must say so myself.

I mean, look at it, that box had to be the size of a small child, and that's not even the box it came in in the first place, that one was even bigger, I could have easily fit myself into that box, that's how big the box was. Kinda wish I kept it now. Could of made a box fort...

Anywho, after much anticipation, I was finally home, ready to unbox and plug in my new baby.

It's beautiful, even without the front panel on, I also underestimated how big this thing was going to be. Its triple the size that my last PC was..

It's beautiful on the inside too, not just the outside. I want to cry at its beauty. 

 I have to say to the guys at CyberPower (the company who built my PC, and who you can find  here) that you guys are awesome and have made me a very happy lady, and I will definitely will be buying from you guys in the future.. But not so soon, let's hope, eh?


Sidenote: It's very difficult trying to type with a mechanical keyboard after not using it for a month. Help.

Sidenote's, sidenote, CyberPower have not asked me to mention them at all in this blog post, I just wanted to give them a shout out for how awesome they are :)

Edit: Sidenote's, Sidenote, Sidenote: Thank you to my boyfriend who is amazing   

Hello 2016

Hello world. Apologies for the lack of posts recently, it seems like forever when I last posted on here. The reason being, my computer. the love of my life, my rock and salvation for the past four years, sadly died, on Boxing day of all days. Yes, it's sad, I know, and I cried, alot. Like, a ridiculous amount just for a computer, but it was like my baby, and it made me very,very,very,very upset. 

Another reason for the lack of posts recently is because I have had little to no motivation to actually write about anything at all. My mind has literally become mush, all I have really done, from boxing day to now is order a new computer (obviously) which still sadly hasn't arrived, work stupid hours, eat and sleep. I've really had no time to even think about writing on here, let alone come up with ideas, but I'm back and better than ever... I think.

I really do want to write on here more, honestly, but real life, work and mental health right now is kinda more important, but I promise to my readers that I will write on here as much as I can. 

Honestly, right now, I would write more, but my mind is just asdfghjkl, I'm still trying to 'find myself' so to say, so we'll see how 2016 goes, for me, for everyone. I hope you guys have a good night, I'n off to try and get some sleep as 4:30AM starts are not my forte.