Being adult

I changed the name of my blog there, so there's that. Felt like changing it up a bit, y'know, because it's 2016 and all that. Today was pretty eventful, my original plans for today was to sit in bed, in my pyjamas, and play video games. Did that happen? Did it heck. 
My friend invited me out into town and I thought to myself yeah, why not go out instead of staying in moping by myself all day. So I dragged myself out of bed, showered, dressed, put my face on and eventually got ready to go out. I got out as far as my back garden before bursting into tears because I couldn't find my bus ticket. Pathetic right? I've been stressing over the most ridiculous things lately, I mean, crying over a lost bus ticket? Really? I found it eventually.. In my dressing gown pocket..

My "I have to go outside be an adult and socialize" face.

So after super stressing out, I eventually made my way into town where I met my friend, he treated me to a Starbucks (Thank you!) and we just wondered round like headless chickens basically.. Went into a bunch of shops, didn't buy anything..

We also got Burger King (So much for being healthy am I right?) because I thought, "hey I got vouchers on my phone, why not save money", and y'know what, we did not regret eating everything at all today.

Look at all that super deliciousness! Omnomnom..

Not going to lie to you guys though, I'm going over my Grandmas house soon for a super late Christmas kind of thing and guess what we're having for dinner. Chinese. Urgh, my body is going to hate me tomorrow. Wish me luck at my Grandmas by the way, the only thing that's going to get me through is knowing I get to play video games and have cuddles with my big bear later. 

What did you guys do today?