Day off blues

So I sit here writing this I'm thinking to myself; "wow, I could be working right now, maybe then I wouldn't be so bored". And then when I'm at work I think to myself "wow, I could be in bed right now". I really can't win with myself when it comes to being productive. I could literally sit in front of my PC all day and happily play video-games all day.. And I just downloaded this super cute game on my phone where you collect kittens and cats so I could play that all day. 
Or I could go outside and take the dogs for a walk, although it is super cold outside and it's been raining, and I don't own any wellies which is also another downfall of that idea. Y'know I would bake cakes and cook too, but that also means I have to go outside and get ingredients to do so, and I'd I have to dressed out of my pyjamas which might I add, are super comfy right now. TV is also an option but nothing interesting is on to watch, I only really watch TV for Jeremy Kyle (Don't judge), South Park and late night TV. 

Guess there's only one thing to do today then.

Video games!