Feels good to be back on the Internet

As sad as the title sounds, I'm not going to lie to you guys but living without a computer for the past month has not only been boring but an absolute nightmare. I didn't realise how much I relied on my computer to give me entertainment with video games, movies, writing, etc, but I do. 

My first PC that I brought all by myself was sadly put to rest on the 28th December 2015 after the graphics card and Hard drive just gave up. It broke my heart, literally. It was something I put alot of hard work into and to have it all go in a matter of seconds was very depressing. I felt like I loss a limb. But I thought to myself, maybe it's my babies way (yes, my PC was my baby, don't judge) of telling me to let go and upgrade... So after alot of crying and feeling sorry for myself that's exactly what I did.
And after waiting what seemed like an eternity, it finally arrived. And in a huge ass box if I must say so myself.

I mean, look at it, that box had to be the size of a small child, and that's not even the box it came in in the first place, that one was even bigger, I could have easily fit myself into that box, that's how big the box was. Kinda wish I kept it now. Could of made a box fort...

Anywho, after much anticipation, I was finally home, ready to unbox and plug in my new baby.

It's beautiful, even without the front panel on, I also underestimated how big this thing was going to be. Its triple the size that my last PC was..

It's beautiful on the inside too, not just the outside. I want to cry at its beauty. 

 I have to say to the guys at CyberPower (the company who built my PC, and who you can find  here) that you guys are awesome and have made me a very happy lady, and I will definitely will be buying from you guys in the future.. But not so soon, let's hope, eh?


Sidenote: It's very difficult trying to type with a mechanical keyboard after not using it for a month. Help.

Sidenote's, sidenote, CyberPower have not asked me to mention them at all in this blog post, I just wanted to give them a shout out for how awesome they are :)

Edit: Sidenote's, Sidenote, Sidenote: Thank you to my boyfriend who is amazing