Hello 2016

Hello world. Apologies for the lack of posts recently, it seems like forever when I last posted on here. The reason being, my computer. the love of my life, my rock and salvation for the past four years, sadly died, on Boxing day of all days. Yes, it's sad, I know, and I cried, alot. Like, a ridiculous amount just for a computer, but it was like my baby, and it made me very,very,very,very upset. 

Another reason for the lack of posts recently is because I have had little to no motivation to actually write about anything at all. My mind has literally become mush, all I have really done, from boxing day to now is order a new computer (obviously) which still sadly hasn't arrived, work stupid hours, eat and sleep. I've really had no time to even think about writing on here, let alone come up with ideas, but I'm back and better than ever... I think.

I really do want to write on here more, honestly, but real life, work and mental health right now is kinda more important, but I promise to my readers that I will write on here as much as I can. 

Honestly, right now, I would write more, but my mind is just asdfghjkl, I'm still trying to 'find myself' so to say, so we'll see how 2016 goes, for me, for everyone. I hope you guys have a good night, I'n off to try and get some sleep as 4:30AM starts are not my forte.