Cooking Fail

So in all my quick thinking glory I thought it would be a good idea to host a bake sale for a charity event in my work. By myself. And yes, some of you maybe thinking, are you crazy!?.. Well, you could say that yes, I mean, who else do you know would cook 100+ cupcakes and sweet treats to sell for charity, on their day off work might I add! That's right; me!

And me being small minded thought, "yeah this is gonna be easy" finish work early, eat dinner and start getting on with the cooking, then bed. 

Now as easy as that sounds I'll tell you what went wrong and why:

  1. Super tired, barely any sleep, can hardly concentrate
  2. I burnt COOKING CHOCOLATE for rice crispy cakes and got super upset with myself
I know I shouldn't let something like that defeat me but I can definitely say I am super irritable and in a 'f*ck everything' mood right now. 

I'm now sat in bed eating Lindt chocolate and feeling sorry for myself.

There's always tomorrow, right?

Night guys xo

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