Let it go

I'm sure I'm not the only person who looks back on the past at their mistakes and misdoings and thinks to themselves "Why on earth did I do that, choose this, break that thing" I could go on. Or is that just me? I dunno. 
What I'm trying to say is I find myself to be quite an uptight person. Sure, 'the past is in the past' and i'll 'let it go' but sometimes when I'm just randomly day dreaming, or trying to get to sleep past decisions I've made that have caused madness throughout my life makes me mad at myself for a little bit. 

But then I think, everyone makes mistakes. It's what makes us all human, and no ones perfect. And I'm pretty sure you'd be lying if you said you've never made any type of mistake in your entire life.

What I'm trying to say is you shouldn't dwell on the past, it's definitely one of my down falls and something I really need to sort out. I'm getting better at it, slowly but surely. There's no point at getting mad at yourself for something you did days, months, years ago, what's done is done, sometimes the outcome is bad, but sometimes the out come can be the best thing you've ever done. 

If you ever find yourself getting worked up over past situation, sit down, stand still, lie down and just breath. You've had your little wobbler over it, and now it's done, poof, gone forever. Like it never happened, and you never have to worry about it ever again.

Artwork created by Demii, who you can find here

Hello YouTube

Hello world. Today I made my very first YouTube video, and I edited in Windows Movie maker and absolutely have no idea what I'm doing but it's new and exciting and I feel like this could be something good coming into my life. Here's to more videos! Yay!

Stress & finding myself

There comes a time in everyone's life where you get stressed, but in my case lately I feel like that's been every other day for me. Even over silly little things like "where am I going to be in five years" or "What am I going to do today". Seriously, I stress about what I'm going to do on a specific day, I'm not sure why, I just like to keep myself busy, I feel like if I'm not doing anything or feel like I'm being productive that I've wasted that day. Does anyone else feel like if they haven't been productive on certain days that you feel like you've wasted a day? Or is that just me?

Wow, just looking back I feel like all I really talk about is stress, anxiety, ect. Guess who needs to change that? Me. I need a more positive outlook on life and I need to chill out more.Only I can do that. I need to stop 'caring'  about what other people think of me and just start doing things for myself. I know it's going to be hard but I know I can do it. Years of bulling and having anxiety has made me so self concious and shy that I just keep myself to myself, but I know that this can be bad, especially in the long run. I just want friends y'know? 

Wow, this post escalated quickly, sorry guys but I feel kinda better for venting. 

If you ever need someone to talk to or need to vent please don't hesitate to contact me via Twitter and I will do my best to help you, give advice, ect. I'm a great listener c:

Weird Dreams

Nap Time Gif by Ronald Vermeijs

Usually, I'd call nap time a good thing. Especially for myself, this twenty one year old needs as much sleep as she can get right now. To be fair though, I think it's coming to that time in my life where I have to stop napping and actually go to bed at a decent time. Because right now it's 2:23am, I'm supposed to be up at 10am, but because of the four hour nap I had earlier, I'm wide awake, watching how its made videos on Youtube and cutting out cute stuff from holiday cards to stick in my scrap book. Did I ever mention I'm making a scrap book? Well, I am, but that's another blog post for another day!

I've also been having some really weird dreams lately, a couple where my teeth fall out and I wake up and physically have to look in the mirror to make sure my teeth are all there. I read that having your teeth fall out in dreams symbolizes change in life, and also the fear of loosing something important (which knowing me, loosing my partner is the biggest fear I have right now but that's me just being silly and over thinking) If I'm right?

I'm writing this because I had a really scary dream earlier whilst I napped, not sure I should really write this on here, but long story short, I kinda 'got possessed' by the devil or some sort of demonic spirit through this book I found in an abandoned building, which caused me to joy ride like you do in Grand Theft Auto sometimes. Then I got really sad and woke up really confused. I read a few definitions of 'being possessed' in a dream and one that stood out to be was "Dreaming of Satan, foretells that you will have some dangerous adventures, and you will be forced to use strategy to keep up honourable appearances." I'll be honest, I don't really understand this definition much, but I am travelling abroad soon which makes me a little nervous, and I some important 'in real life' things happening right now which will hopefully help me shape my future. 

I really need to get a decent sleep schedule in my life. Any helpers on how to get a decent night sleep? I also need to stop being such a night owl. Bleh.

Going to get a big glass of water, which is probably the worse thing I could do right now, get all snugly in bed and watch a really bad movie on Netflix until I fall asleep.

Here's to more weird-ish dreams I guess? And not the scary ones.

Night all.

Stir crazy

It is currently 2:04am. I should be sleeping, I have work at 11am. Tomorrow is going to suck, kinda. I'm stuck between being so tired I almost pass out to waking myself up again because I can't shake this god awful cough I've had for a couple of weeks now. I should probably see a doctor.. (who?) See what I did there? I should also probably get out the house a bit more, sitting in front of my PC for a ridiculous amount of hours is starting to get to me. There's only so many cute cat videos you can watch.

In all seriousness though I have so many thoughts running through my mind that my brain is constantly active and the rusty cogs inside my mind are actually starting to work again. Sure that's nice and all, but I would eventually like a full eight hours sleep, y'know? Who in their right mind wakes up at 3am worrying about a bus ticket? This girl. Because I'm a worry-er, it's who I am I guess. I always conjure up the worst case scenario that could possibly happen so that if it does, eventually, I can say I saw it coming, not that it ever does happen though, I'm just a drama queen. 

Any home remedies people wanna tell me to rid me of this dry cough? Please? Will pay in unicorns and... Cake? See? Over tired. That's what you get staying up till 2am playing The Sims after just finishing work at midnight. I'm gonna drag my butt into bed before I cause anymore shenanigans. 


Furr Baby Treats*

Good Morning World!

So this morning, as I'm lying in bed, drifting in and out of conciousness, I get a loud knock at the door. Instantly bolting into the up right position, I get out of bed to greet the postman in my sleep like state and crazy hair. The cogs in my mind were trying to get over the fact that I hadn't ordered anything, is this really for me? But then I remembered talking to the lovely people over on Petshop* who said they would send me some lovely treats for my doggies. I honestly don't know who's more excited about the package, me or my babies.

I was surprised at how many items Petshop had actually sent me when I opened up the package. I was greeted by the Pet Munchies Natural Dog Treats in Chicken breast flavour, (as seen in the above image) I checked up on their website and they have loads of flavours for your furr babies, Beef, Duck, even Fish! So even the fussiest eaters get a treat now and again too. Needless to say, these went down a treat, and also in about 10 seconds..


Archie on the right, and Maggie on the left, very eager to try out their Natural Dog Treats! All of Petshops dog treats are also free from Artificial Preservatives or Additives, are low in fat and also have no artificial colours or flavours meaning that you're not pumping your babies with any harmful stuff which also made me a very happy bunny!

Moving on, the next item I see in the package are two tiny cans of Almo Nature Dog food.
These tiny but mighty tins contain natural ingredients, and are also made with high quality meats, and come in both dry and wet food. Definitely looking forward to seeing how they get on with this food later.

I was sent two tins, one Beef & Ham flavour, and the other Chicken & Tuna.

The last and biggest item I was sent 2kg (that's alot) of James Wellbeloved Dog Food in Turkey & rice flavour, just my luck, this happens to be my furr babies favourite flavour of anything. I've stopped them a couple of times from trying to rip the bag open.. Again reading up on this dog food, it's suitable for all breeds of healthy adult dogs and is also Hypo-allergenic! Yay!

What the Wellbeloved food looks like on the outside and inside, all natural goodness!

I will definitely look into buying more of Petshops goods soon! My dogs are happy, which makes me happy! They also have super fast delivery too which surprised me even more and they even have The even have Twitter so you can keep up to date with the latest pet trends, news and such.

*I want to say thank you to the people at PetShop for sending me these lovely doggie goodies. I appreciate it so so much, you guys have no idea, the communication between us was also good (even if I suck at replying to emails).*

I also want say yay, this is my first 'proper' review of something that was sent to me, so thank you again!


Dealing With Anxiety

So lately I've been writing more 'diary' entries on paper rather than on here. I find nowadays people don't find the time to sit down with a piece of paper, but if I'm honest I find it rather therapeutic. I've always used writing and doodling as an anxiety an outlet in way, the fact that you can just sit down and write and draw and doodle to you hearts content comforts me a little I wont lie. I feel like when that pen, pencil, crayon, whatever, hits the paper, I'm literally writing my problems away. It's a nice feeling. 

If any of my followers out there have suffered from Anxiety, depression or anything you're not alone. Feel free to message me for any advice you may need or if you just want a chat. I'm here for you guys.

Have a good night where ever you are and sweet dreams.

Pro at Procrastinating

It's become apparent to myself lately that I find myself procrastinating at the smallest of things. Write a blog post? I'll do it later. Wash the dishes? Eh, do it tomorrow. Even sleeping has become a thing I now procrastinate on. "Oh, it's only 1am, maybe if I have an extra half hour-" no. I know it's probably me just being lazy, but if it can be done at a later time, it will be. 

I think some major re-vamping of my brain needs to be done, starting with going to bed an a decent time (instead of 3am and then getting up for work four hours later) and also start doing things that will benefit not only myself but others, even if it means arguing over who does what. Sigh. 

See? Procrastinating again. I'm gonna drag this butt to sleep!