Pro at Procrastinating

It's become apparent to myself lately that I find myself procrastinating at the smallest of things. Write a blog post? I'll do it later. Wash the dishes? Eh, do it tomorrow. Even sleeping has become a thing I now procrastinate on. "Oh, it's only 1am, maybe if I have an extra half hour-" no. I know it's probably me just being lazy, but if it can be done at a later time, it will be. 

I think some major re-vamping of my brain needs to be done, starting with going to bed an a decent time (instead of 3am and then getting up for work four hours later) and also start doing things that will benefit not only myself but others, even if it means arguing over who does what. Sigh. 

See? Procrastinating again. I'm gonna drag this butt to sleep!