Weird Dreams

Nap Time Gif by Ronald Vermeijs

Usually, I'd call nap time a good thing. Especially for myself, this twenty one year old needs as much sleep as she can get right now. To be fair though, I think it's coming to that time in my life where I have to stop napping and actually go to bed at a decent time. Because right now it's 2:23am, I'm supposed to be up at 10am, but because of the four hour nap I had earlier, I'm wide awake, watching how its made videos on Youtube and cutting out cute stuff from holiday cards to stick in my scrap book. Did I ever mention I'm making a scrap book? Well, I am, but that's another blog post for another day!

I've also been having some really weird dreams lately, a couple where my teeth fall out and I wake up and physically have to look in the mirror to make sure my teeth are all there. I read that having your teeth fall out in dreams symbolizes change in life, and also the fear of loosing something important (which knowing me, loosing my partner is the biggest fear I have right now but that's me just being silly and over thinking) If I'm right?

I'm writing this because I had a really scary dream earlier whilst I napped, not sure I should really write this on here, but long story short, I kinda 'got possessed' by the devil or some sort of demonic spirit through this book I found in an abandoned building, which caused me to joy ride like you do in Grand Theft Auto sometimes. Then I got really sad and woke up really confused. I read a few definitions of 'being possessed' in a dream and one that stood out to be was "Dreaming of Satan, foretells that you will have some dangerous adventures, and you will be forced to use strategy to keep up honourable appearances." I'll be honest, I don't really understand this definition much, but I am travelling abroad soon which makes me a little nervous, and I some important 'in real life' things happening right now which will hopefully help me shape my future. 

I really need to get a decent sleep schedule in my life. Any helpers on how to get a decent night sleep? I also need to stop being such a night owl. Bleh.

Going to get a big glass of water, which is probably the worse thing I could do right now, get all snugly in bed and watch a really bad movie on Netflix until I fall asleep.

Here's to more weird-ish dreams I guess? And not the scary ones.

Night all.