Happy Bank Holiday!

Hello world. 
I hope you all had a very productive bank holiday. I actually got out of bed and went for a walk with my other half, we had a small picnic in the Cathedral and sunbathed for a bit. It's times like this I really cherish.

I wont lie, I did spend most of the morning in bed, but at least I went outside so that counteracts that right?

I'm really looking forward to this week, it's the last week working in a job that I don't particularly enjoy very well. Only three days, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, but they are super long shifts, and i'll be honest I'm not looking forward to it. The only thing that's really getting me through this week is the fact that in eight days i'll be flying out to Ibiza which I'm super excited about.

Prey that this week goes super quick, and then the two weeks after go really slow.

Lists: Summer

Hello world, I thought since today is such a beautiful day (and I'm sat infront of the computer in a dark room typing this) I would create a list for a few things I want to achieve either this Summer or next.. Or the next one, who knows?

So here we go:

Go to the seaside at least three times.
Go swim at least twice a week if not more.
Go for a picnic.
Learn to cook one amazing thing.
Learn to bake one amazing thing.
De-clutter my bedroom.
Drink more water.
Explore London again.
Walk my doggies more.
Eat more water melon.
Sort out my sleep schedule.
Upload a video.
Fill more pages in my Scrap book.
Take more photos.

It's a small list but it's a start. Just a few things I'd like to get done. What are your lists?

Forgive me

Seems I've been neglecting you lot again, eh? 
I know what you're thinking; "What a surprise" but honestly, I haven't had anything interesting or worth reading to write about. My brain has shut down, closed for business, dead.

But literally I just wanted to write to say thank you to everyone who's been checking my blog each day for a new posts, I really appreciate it 

Moving on to happier things I've opened my own Facebook page! I know it's early days and there's hardly anything on it but I thought it would be easier for people to find my posts and thoughts on there rather than on my Twitter. I even might post the occasional rare YouTube video on there too, you never know. Anywho, you can find the shiny new page here. I'm still setting it up so I need to make a pretty new head photo for that and my YouTube channel..

Anywho, expect a few more posts soon as my brain comes back to life a bit more, now go enjoy the sun my lovelies!

I'm Going on Holiday

Hello world. I'm still here. 
A much needed holiday is needed, so I'm off to Ibiza in less than a month.
I'll still be writing don't you worry but my blog might be a little quiet.

Thanks for understanding lovelies.

Going Back to Uni?

Did I tell you guys I recently moved stores within my job? Because I did, and this one particular place just happens to be a 'student store', and what they mean by that is that it is constantly busy, all the time, when you think the queue to the till has died down you can turn around and bang there's another one. But if I'm honest, I quite enjoy it, the busier it is the faster the shift goes which all in all is better for me, but also kinda bad depending on how many members of staff are on at a time, which usually isn't many.

But where does going back to uni come in to this you say? When did I go to uni in the first place? Well, back in 2014 I attended art college to study a Games Design and Animation course, initially, it was meant to be a one year foundation degree, and then another three years studying  BA (hons). And i'll be honest, it was not what I thought it would be, at all. I think the fact that I also stayed home whilst studying didn't help, as I was getting up at 4:30am every day to catch a train to this art college, spend all day either sat at a computer or in the library only to travel for two hours home again. Staying home was my own decision though, I mean, it was two thousand pounds cheaper to live at home so do you blame me really? Anyway, a mixture of that, a bad relationship, and depression didn't help me, so I dropped out and got any job I could get my hands on to pay my parents rent. I still do this now, sometimes I enjoy it others I don't, but that's life and we can't have it all.

Going back to the student store side of things, I sort of miss the hassle and bustle of uni. I miss reading and researching and social interaction with people who aren't double my age. I guess looking into it I feel 'ready' to university now, my depression is under control, I'm trying to get a 'stable' bank account and I feel more confident in myself than I did two years ago. I'd love to go back and study English or Creative Writing or maybe both. Because it's something I love doing. 

But in the long run, I also want a house, and a family, and maybe even a cat, and I feel like I have to choose which one I want because I've left it so late in my life. I know you can go back to uni when you're older, but I'd just feel like I've missed out on everything; going to events, going to pubs and clubs, that kind of thing. I know what you're thinking; Why do you need to go uni to do all that, you can do that now with friends? And yes, that is true, but i'll be honest, I don't have many 'friends' and the ones I do have are either busy, or working, so we never really get to spend time together, which makes me a little sad.

I don't know if it's just my head being silly, I mean I have my little corner of the internet here for creative writing. Why do I need a degree for it? My only advice for you is that if you do decide to go to university make sure you're head is clear, save some money and work as hard as you can, because in the long run you'll feel better about it.

Bit of a long post tonight? Especially for a Monday, makes a change, eh?