Forgive me

Seems I've been neglecting you lot again, eh? 
I know what you're thinking; "What a surprise" but honestly, I haven't had anything interesting or worth reading to write about. My brain has shut down, closed for business, dead.

But literally I just wanted to write to say thank you to everyone who's been checking my blog each day for a new posts, I really appreciate it 

Moving on to happier things I've opened my own Facebook page! I know it's early days and there's hardly anything on it but I thought it would be easier for people to find my posts and thoughts on there rather than on my Twitter. I even might post the occasional rare YouTube video on there too, you never know. Anywho, you can find the shiny new page here. I'm still setting it up so I need to make a pretty new head photo for that and my YouTube channel..

Anywho, expect a few more posts soon as my brain comes back to life a bit more, now go enjoy the sun my lovelies!