Lists: Summer

Hello world, I thought since today is such a beautiful day (and I'm sat infront of the computer in a dark room typing this) I would create a list for a few things I want to achieve either this Summer or next.. Or the next one, who knows?

So here we go:

Go to the seaside at least three times.
Go swim at least twice a week if not more.
Go for a picnic.
Learn to cook one amazing thing.
Learn to bake one amazing thing.
De-clutter my bedroom.
Drink more water.
Explore London again.
Walk my doggies more.
Eat more water melon.
Sort out my sleep schedule.
Upload a video.
Fill more pages in my Scrap book.
Take more photos.

It's a small list but it's a start. Just a few things I'd like to get done. What are your lists?