Today I made a Little Effort

Good morning world!

Look who made a little effort today with their hair and make-up!? That's right, this girl did. I'm fed up of constantly being in pyjamas and looking yucky so I thought I might but on some paint just to make myself feel a little better and it did. 

I'm running on next to no sleep, I think I got as least two hours. My partner has a snoring problem. Big time. Any advice out there from other snorers who have 'cured' their snoring? Could use a miracle right now, his snoring is atrocious. I'm trying not to fall asleep at my keyboard as I type this.

Update on leg: Swelling has gone down alot. Still very painful though. I find if I stay off my feet for a long period of time, then get up I get really sharp shooting pains going up my legs which wear off after a while, it's kind of worrying not gonna lie but my doctors told me not to worry about anything until my leg is better. So hurry up leg and get better please?
 I'm bored, I want to be outside and working at work and being productive not sat at home resting my leg on my PC or watching Jezza (yes, I'm one of those people).

Anywho, plans for the rest of the day?
Rest the leg some more and put some door handles on some doors. 


Getting There..

Hello world.

Apologies for my last post, sometimes I feel better when I write stuff down and it's all out of my head, y'know, your head feels kinda clearer when you do that? Maybe? Or is that just me? 

The main cause of my anxiety coming back is the pain I'm in with my leg and the (almost) constant trips to the hospital and doctors. It's getting beyond a joke now. I just want to be better. The Cellulitis its self has apparently cleared up now, but my leg is still red and gross and super swollen. Like, my 'thunder thighs' is more like a thunder left leg right now. It's got to the point where I've signed myself off work, y'know, the new job which I JUST started and was really excited about? Yeah that one, what a great impression on my part. I've literally done nothing all day, just resting my leg, trying to get the swelling down. I feel so bad for taking the time off, but there was no way I could stand around for nine hours on a swollen leg in pain and in the heat. Urgh, I'm getting stressed again. Bleh. 

Anywho my head feels, a little better. I'm slowly getting there. I feel like sometimes I still let my anxiety get the better of me and I crumble, but I bounce back from it quicker than I used to. I feel like I'm more in control with it, depending how I'm feeling. Like, I can feel myself getting upset and my chest gets tighter and tears are streaming down my face, but I can calm myself using my inhaler and eventually getting my breathing under control. Sometimes though a cuddle makes me feel better. We need more cuddles in the world.

I plan to write more whilst I'm off work, I need to keep myself busy some how and what better way to procrastinate than write?

Ending on a lighter note here's a gif of a cute kitten;

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What Happens in Ibiza Stays in Ibiza | Part 2


I remember my temperature sky rocketing and feeling really really sick. I didn't want to worry anyone with what might just be a tummy bug so I just left it. The night we visited the night market our group we were in on the excursion were all piled into a coach and then off we went again to Ibiza town! I wont lie, I was kind of dreading it, only because the fist time we visited wasn't very nice, but this time we went and visited the old town of Ibiza, and even though I wore sandals, and my feet killed and I got a major case of chub rub because I thought wearing a maxi dress was a good idea, I'm so happy I staggered my way to the top, because views like these don't happen so often.

How beautiful does that look, right!?

Other than that I remember getting back to the hotel that night, still feeling a little crap but thinking nothing of it, and sleeping for what seemed like an eternity.

I vaguely remember the next day we both went sunbathing and that's when things really started to go down hill. my left leg suddenly flared up with a rash, had no idea how or why it was there to begin with but I thought it would be a good idea to get out of the sun asap before it got worse. If I'm honest, I thought I had sun stroke not Cellulitis which was what I was eventually diagnosed with. The night just got worse, the rash got bigger, I was freezing cold, literally, I was wearing pyjamas and socks in 38C weather,  but my body was hot to the touch. I was having boiling hot baths to try and warm myself up which made me feel better for all of an hour. And I was also sick. Alot. That night I managed to eat three chips and two pieces of water melon. Bleh. 

It got to the point at about 3am where I couldn't take it anymore and practically begged Jamie to take me to hospital. Obviously way out of my comfort zone, being in a hospital where next to no one spoke English and almost dying on the way there in a taxi because the front desk wouldn't call an ambulance for us, not the best way to spend the rest of your holiday really is it?

I wont go into too much detail about the hospital but I had an x-ray, cat scan, at least a pint of blood taken for tests and was hooked up to various antibiotics and anti-sickness drugs for about 14 hours. And was also told if I had left coming to the hospital any later I would have got Septicaemia so that would have been fun, right?Also trying to communicate with doctors and nurses through Google translate wasn't all that much fun either. The doctor did recommend that I should stay in over night but the thought of being by myself for the night in intensive care without any visitors made me sick to my stomach so I told a little white lie and said I was flying home the next day, when I obviously wasn't. I don't regret my decision to do that either, I felt more comfortable being surrounded by my boyfriend and his parents helping me trying to get better than my doctors and people I don't know. The antibiotics they gave me when I left the hospital weren't nice either, they helped a little, but not much.

The next few days were a bit of a blur, concentrating on trying to get better and complaining that I was in pain alot was definitely two things I did alot. I'm surprised Jamie but up with it alot of the time but he did and I love him all the more for it, and for looking after me. Bless him. 
Nearing the end of the holiday Jamie and I went for a walk along the beach to 'Love lock bridge' how cliche, but still I thought it was cute. We made stupid noises and talked and stared at the sea. I miss that alot. I do hope that our lock is on the bridge for a while and if we ever go back, we can see it again.

This time right now, about three weeks from my holiday, my leg is still swollen, ALOT, and I do keep elevating it to try to ease and such but it's not wanting to do as it's told. Sigh. I've even been back to the hospital TWICE but they've given me the all clear now so I'm kinda stuck in a rut. 

Other than that it was a pretty good holiday and I would go again, but maybe this time keep away from the sea and mosquito's. Who knows? 

What Happens in Ibiza Stays in Ibiza | Part 1

Hello world.

Well, here we are again. A new month, a huge gap since I'd last written on here, but with good reason.

Remember a while back when I'd written a post about going to Ibiza? All was going well, until the second week in, but i'll get to that in a bit, lets talk about the nice stuff before we get to the crap stuff first, okay?

So it all started on the 8th of June, pretty average day, up at 3am to get ready to go to the airport, as you do, no problems there, strolled through security okay-ish. Partner got stopped for having too much money in his wallet (whoops) but other than that we had a pretty normal airport experience. 

Hopped onto the plane, not literally, but y'know what I mean? Everyone pushing and shooing to get to their ALLOCATED seats, I mean really? It's not like it's going anywhere. Started to freak out when the plane was getting ready for take off and post take off. I'm one of those people who unfortunately don't get to fly often so I'm not used to planes as good as other people are, I think I squeezed my partners hand into oblivion.. I was okay in the air and for landing though, it's just something about take off that gives me the hee-bee-gee-bees.

Landed in Ibiza after being in the air for what seemed an eternity, only two hours but still pretty close. We flew over the Pyrenees which was breath taking, honestly the most amazing thing I've every seen to date, I have yet to beat it, i mean LOOK.

I'll be honest, I would of uploaded more pictures if they'd come out as good as this one, unfortunately air plane photography is not my forte. 

Back to landing, in Ibiza, where wow it was so hot. It took me a few days to get used to the heat, I kept turning our air conditioning in our hotel room to something stupid like 16°C so every time we walked in it was like an igloo. Looking back now though and comparing the temperatures to typical British weather I baffle myself with the thought of "Was it really that cold?" When you're in 39 something degree weather though, yes, yes it was.
The view from our room was pretty nice too, we were lucky that we actually got a room with a sea view considering we had to walk to the other side of the hotel to get there, but i'll be honest, I miss room 410.

Fast forward a few days my partner and I decide it would be fun to take a boat trip into Ibiza town. We got lost, more than once, and we were both stressed and hot and a little bit hungry, but it was still a good experience. I think the sea air did us both good too as I vaguely remember us sleeping like rocks that night.

We also visited a water park there which personally I think was when my infection started in my leg. Don't get me wrong, it was a great place, but not very hygienic, at all. I mean, salt water instead of chlorine? You're bound to catch something. And (un)luckily I did.

We also paid a visit to the night market in Las Dalias and the Hippy market in Es cana, both were great experiences, i did enjoy the hippy market more though, Jamie wasn't too happy being dragged around either but the look on his face was priceless when he found a stone with a monkeys face on it. Easily pleased.

And the next day was when things started to go down hill for me a little...