Getting There..

Hello world.

Apologies for my last post, sometimes I feel better when I write stuff down and it's all out of my head, y'know, your head feels kinda clearer when you do that? Maybe? Or is that just me? 

The main cause of my anxiety coming back is the pain I'm in with my leg and the (almost) constant trips to the hospital and doctors. It's getting beyond a joke now. I just want to be better. The Cellulitis its self has apparently cleared up now, but my leg is still red and gross and super swollen. Like, my 'thunder thighs' is more like a thunder left leg right now. It's got to the point where I've signed myself off work, y'know, the new job which I JUST started and was really excited about? Yeah that one, what a great impression on my part. I've literally done nothing all day, just resting my leg, trying to get the swelling down. I feel so bad for taking the time off, but there was no way I could stand around for nine hours on a swollen leg in pain and in the heat. Urgh, I'm getting stressed again. Bleh. 

Anywho my head feels, a little better. I'm slowly getting there. I feel like sometimes I still let my anxiety get the better of me and I crumble, but I bounce back from it quicker than I used to. I feel like I'm more in control with it, depending how I'm feeling. Like, I can feel myself getting upset and my chest gets tighter and tears are streaming down my face, but I can calm myself using my inhaler and eventually getting my breathing under control. Sometimes though a cuddle makes me feel better. We need more cuddles in the world.

I plan to write more whilst I'm off work, I need to keep myself busy some how and what better way to procrastinate than write?

Ending on a lighter note here's a gif of a cute kitten;

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