Today I made a Little Effort

Good morning world!

Look who made a little effort today with their hair and make-up!? That's right, this girl did. I'm fed up of constantly being in pyjamas and looking yucky so I thought I might but on some paint just to make myself feel a little better and it did. 

I'm running on next to no sleep, I think I got as least two hours. My partner has a snoring problem. Big time. Any advice out there from other snorers who have 'cured' their snoring? Could use a miracle right now, his snoring is atrocious. I'm trying not to fall asleep at my keyboard as I type this.

Update on leg: Swelling has gone down alot. Still very painful though. I find if I stay off my feet for a long period of time, then get up I get really sharp shooting pains going up my legs which wear off after a while, it's kind of worrying not gonna lie but my doctors told me not to worry about anything until my leg is better. So hurry up leg and get better please?
 I'm bored, I want to be outside and working at work and being productive not sat at home resting my leg on my PC or watching Jezza (yes, I'm one of those people).

Anywho, plans for the rest of the day?
Rest the leg some more and put some door handles on some doors.