Losing my job and Pokemon Adventures

Hello world, 

I should really start writing more shouldn't I? Say that every time.
I've done alot of 'adulting' lately, silly little things like, going to the council and ringing people about taxes and losing my job...

Yeah losing my job. I wont go into it, but it 'wasn't working out'. Guess that's what you get for being sick for two weeks but what can you do? Life steers people in weird directions sometimes and maybe this little bump in the road it my chance for something better. Mind you, it's the first time I've been unemployed for five years. I don't like it. It's weird, not having to get up to do anything. If I'm honest, it's quite boring..
I've applied for so many jobs in the space of three days it's ridiculous. I've even been rejected by McDonald's, I was that desperate. 

Moving on to something everyone probably knows of lately; Pokemon Go. Oh god it's so FREAKING GOOD WHY ARE YOU READING THIS AND NOT PLAYING IT!? This month has literally been the most I've ever been out and walking ever, I think, in my whole entire life. And I'm actually enjoying it. The worst part though? There is no worst part. You're outside, catching Pokemon and getting exercise without really thinking about it which for me is the best part. Although the worst part was transferring my Gyaradous after evolving one of my Magikarp. Was the most heart breaking moment of my life.

I stole this photo from my boyfriend which he took on our Pokemon adventures.

I honestly do want to try and write more though, it's just difficult trying to find things to keep 'yer minds entertained with. I guess we'll see shall we?