Wannabe Beauty Blogger?

Hello world!

Surprise! Guess who's back with another post, actually trying to keep up with the fact I said I would try and blog more. So far so good.

Anyways, today I thought I'd write about why I don't categorise myself with 'beauty bloggers' I mean, sure I wear make up, but I don't feel like I wear enough make up to actually talk about it if that makes sense? I literally wear liquid eyeliner and mascara and the occasional bit of eye shadow and lippy.

Funny story, every brand of lip stick I've ever tried, my lips just come out in hives and burn like hell, can anyone tell me what that is, or is it just my body being weird? It must be something in the lipstick though because I've tried MAC lipstick and it's fine, no hives, no burning no nothing. I want to buy every shade of lipstick MAC has to offer now, like really, I look damn good in lipstick I wont lie to you guys. I mean, my collection so far isn't too bad right? Even if most of them are just Velvet Teddy, which FYI is the best shade..

My favourite shades of MAC lippy, Velvet teddy, Heroine and Studded Kiss

I mean look at me, freaking beautiful or what? You're damn right I am.

Anyway, talking about make up I thought i'd shoot through the products I use on a daily basis, just incase you wanted to look like that cutie above the text there, so firstly, I start of with either my Barry M or Soap and Glory liquid pen eyeliner. I find the pens, for me anyway, go on easier and give me a more satisfying wing when I'm drawing them on, I usually buy these from Superdrug for about £5. Not bad for a decent eyeliner if you ask me. 

And why two eyeliners do you ask? Well if I'm honest it depends how I'm feeling, my Supercat Soap and Glory eyeliner gives me a thicker wing whereas my trusty Barry M liner gives me a thinner more precise wing. Either way I love them both.  

You can find the Soap & Glory Eyeliner here and the Barry M Blink Precision Eyeliner here

Moving on I start with my eye shadow. I know what you're thinking; shouldn't you start off with your eye shadow first? And the answer for me is no. I find from personal experience that liquid eyeliner glides better onto your eyelids with no eye-shadow on them than with them on. I'll then go on and touch up the eyeliner after. I use my trusty Urban Decay Naked Smokey Pallet which I am absolutely in LOVE WITH. My partner brought it for me for my birthday last year and it is honestly one of the best things I have ever received. 

Look at it's beauty! URGH. If I'm honest I only really use two shades of the pallet, unless I go on a night out, or if I'm feeling adventurous (which isn't often).

Can you guys guess my favourite shade? I usually go for the High and Radar shades and blend them together for a more smokey look. This pallet is honestly in my opinion a must have for pretty natural-ish tones. 

So after I've made my eyes look nice and bright and more awake for the day, I move onto mascara, not really something I can really write much about, I use the Barry M 'That's How I Roll' Mascara. Does the job quick and easy and gives you nice longer looking lashes.

And lastly to finish I do my brows! I've only recently started doing my brows, so I'm not the best at them but practice makes perfect. It took me two-ish years to perfect my winged eyeliner, so patience is key!

I found for myself at least, the best shade for my brows is 'Fling'. It works best with someone of my hair colour, and eyebrow colour.. If I'm honest, when I don't fill in my brows, I look like I haven't got any at all, and at first it didn't really bother me that much but since I've been filling them in I realise how weird I look 'without' eyebrows. I'll basically just fill in my brows best I can, then go over and touch them up with a spoolie so they don't look 'coloured in' and look more natural. 

I just wanted to say that none of this is at all sponsored, I just wanted to share my favourite brands with the world! :)