5 Ways I Relax

Hello world, 

Recently my anxiety hasn't been to kind to me. Not having a job, and my health which, right now is at a steady decline, I've had a somewhat stressful couple of months, so I thought I'd write down the ways I like to de-stress and calm down!

  1. Chocolate milkshake. It (nearly) always makes me feel better. Having something yummy in my tummy always does... Especially fried chicken..
  2. Bubble bath. Unlike people who like cool baths, I like to have mine scolding hot. Something about stepping out of the bath looking like a lobster just makes me giggle.
  3. Video games. World of Warcraft, Bioshock, GTAV or even Candy Crush, having some me time to my favorite game does the trick!
  4. Watch streams/you-tube videos. There's just something about listening to someone rage at a game that makes me at peace. Otherwise I like to watch creepy pasta videos on you tube. I'm not sure why these  chill me out if I'm honest, they just do!
  5. Make something! Write, doodle or even adding into my scrap book (which is something I should do more often) are little ways that make me feel better. Especially writing. What I like to do is write all the negative feelings I'm having at that moment in time and then rip them up. POOF bad feelings gone!
How do you like to relax? Let me know in the comments!