DIY Hot Chocolate Peppermint Bombes

Hello world, 
It's finally that time of year where the weather is getting colder and more miserable and staying and home, getting cosey, and watching a ridiculous amount of movies and TV shows on Netflix becomes more desirable than going outside in the cold and rain all together. So I wanted to create a little something you guys can make yourselves to cosey up infront of a movie and enjoy. What's the thing I'm talking about? Hot chocolate of course! More specificly, Hot chocolate peppermint bombes. Winter is the best time for it and with all this horrible weather outside lately there's no better time than now to create this little treat. 

There's all different kinds of ways you can create hot chocolate, some people have different preferences with how its made, which you can use, but I'm going to go with a recipe I've always stuck with which works for me. So without futher ado, it might help if I write down what you lovelies need.

You will need:

  • 3 tbsp Cocoa powder
  • 2 Cups of Milk (any type, I'm using semi skimmed)
  • Spray cream
  • Chocolate sauce
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Two tsp peppermint extract
  • Mini mason jars (These can easily be found on eBay, or if you're feeling really indulgent, use your favourite mug!)
  • Heat safe bowl
  • Candy canes

Now the boring stuff is out of the way, lets get started with the fun stuff shall we?

First things first we're going to need to melt our chocolate to put around the sides and insides our mug, this part is optional, so you can skip past this if you'd like, but I thought this made a cute touch.

I'm doing this the super lazy way, which is braking up all the chocolate, putting it into a heat safe bowl and then bunging it into the microwave for 1 minute on a medium to high heat to start off with. Making sure you remove the chocolate from the microwave to stir, you want to repeat this step again first with 20 seconds then to 15, stiring in between or until your chocolate has a smooth consistency like so:


Now for the fun part; you want to wait for the chocolate to cool off a little, but not so much so that it hardens over again (I don't want you lovies to burn yourselves so please be careful!), take your mason jars or mugs or even bowls, I don't judge, and place it upside down into the chocolate just so much so that the chocolate covers the rim of the cup. Repete this step if you are making more than one drink!

 I added crushed up peppermint candy cane around the rims for an extra cute touch!

Set the chocolate mugs off to the side for a little bit to set, it doesn't matter if it's messy, this recipe isn't inteded for pefected-ness!

Now for the star of the show, the Peppermint Hot chocolate!
We'll be using an oven for this part, so I suggest to my younger readers to get help from a parent or gaurdian before you do this step please!

You want to take 2 table spoons of Cocoa powder and then 4 tbsp of milk into a small saucepan over a medium - low heat and whisk until the cocoa powder has dissolved into the milk.  

You then want to whisk in the rest of your milk into the already dissolved mixture and switch it up into a medium heat, whisking the delicousness occassionally untill it is hot (but not boiling!). Before taking it off the heat, stir the 2 tsp peppermint extract into the drink and stir again.

(I forgot to take photos for this part, whoops). So, now that your delicious hot chocolate is ready, it's time to pour it into the cups you prepared earlier. I found it easier to pour the drink into a jug and then pour it into the mugs just so that it doesn't get EVERYWHERE, because if you're messy, like myself, it will.

Top with cream, chocolate sauce, whatever toppings you want and VIOLA! Yummy scrummy Peppermint hot chocolate bombes to warm the soul!


I'd love to see your creations from this recipe! Either tweet or instagram me using #geckohotchocolate 

If there's anything else you'd like to see me make, please send me suggestions, I'd love to do more posts like these! :)

Toodle pip! 


There may come a time in most peoples lives where you come accross possibly the worst job of your entire exsistance. I wont go into too much information about the company, I'm not bad mouthing them in any way, this is just my opinion, everyone's entitled to one, and this one is mine, after working one five hour shift. Now I'm not one to always judge a job quickly, espcially after only one shift, I like to give the job a chance, y'know, to get into the job and the speed of things, which I thought was happening at one point, but nope, It was just the idea of it being quiet after being so busy that I liked more. I've also read now that the law has changed when it comes to having breaks within the work place, you have to work at least SIX HOURS for you to 'legally' have a break. Can you imagine how I was when I finished? I was a fucking state. Five hours washing dishes, no gloves offered to me, not that they had them anyway, and they were sharing ONE towel between four people to take out burning hot plates of food to the bar above us. My hands have never felt so ruined, it actually hurts to even type this my hands are that raw and red. Don't get me wrong, some of the people I worked with were fun and 'tried' to make convosation with me, other than that I stood washing dishes, by myself, for five hours, sounds like a fun job right? Wrong.
Image taken from Pinterest

This was just really a venting post, If I didn't write that my head would have exploded, but honestly, I think I'd still rather be unemployed than work here. Some of the way they deal with certain sitiuations too is disgusting, I'd even go as far as saying I think that somewhere like MC Donalds has better standards than this place. 

I guess in the long run I'm just gonna have to stick it out untill something better comes alone, as much as I don't want to, good things come to those who wait, and I've waited for four months now, can something good come my way now please?

On the bright side; 

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What would you do in this situation? I'd really appreiciate the feedback!



This doesn't make sense

Hello world, 

How are you all doing today? Good I hope. I'm not sure how I feel today, if I'm honest, I really don't feel like myself, I feel a little bit numb, my emotions right now are non exhistant, and I feel lke I don't exhist? It's hard to explain, I haven't felt like this ever, I woke up feeling like it. I think the mixture of not working, not doing anything and hardly being productive has finally got to me and my brain has just snapped, as sad as it sounds. I think I'm going to write today off as a poopy day; where nothing gets done but I don't have to feel bad about it. Sure, I have stuf to do, but it will still be there tomorow and will get done then. I feel like not many people look after themselves well mentally as much as they to physically, and not looking after yourself mentally can be very, very, very bad. I've been there, but hey, that's another blog post for another day.

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As for the rest of the day, I haven't really done anything that I can call 'productive'. I managed to get out of bed and shower which is a plus, clean the kitchen and then plonked right back into bed again. Not as productive as I wanted to be today but there's always tomorow to be better. I need to find something to keep me busy, I'd love to blog more but the constant voice in my head telling me that my blog is nothing makes it hard. It's nothing to me, my blog is like my baby, but it's hard when a silly voice in the back of your head shouts at you contantly that you're nothing. 

On the bright side of all this crappyness, I finally got a job, I won't go into what it is or what i'll be doing but for now I'll be better off financially, kind of a little weight off my shoulders. It's a nice feeling.

I'm gonna crawl back into bed and think of other things I can do to keep me busy, things to write, sleep. What are your evening plans?

Toodle pip