On the fifth day of Blogmas..

Day five:

Hello world, 
How are we all today?
I thought I'd try and get into more of a festive mood just so I'm more pleasent to be around and to my suprise it actually worked.. A little bit anyway, more festive than I was originally feeling.. Anywho, I thought I'd share a couple of playlists I personally liked and jigged along to:

This playlist is titled 'Christmas Crackers'

This playlist is titled 'Christmas Cocktails'

And what Christmas wouldn't be festive without some relaxing piano music?

If you read yesterdays Blogmas post you would of known that today was my first 'proper' day of work and I thought I'd tell you all how it went. It was a bit of a stressful morning. I had two anxiety attacks, one was because how I was going over how bad the day was going to be because my mind was blank, I felt like I had forgotten everything. And the other was because the bus was an hour late. Public transport is literally the Bane of my life. Two of them which decided to show up at the same time. Why do buses do that? Seriously. My body thought that two anxiety attacks wasn't enough and that my breakfast wanted to make an apperence yet again, i'll let you use your imaginations for that one. On the bright side I got to work fifteen minutes early which made me feel better, and you wanna know what made the day 100% better? We couldn't take calls! Why do you ask? A problem on the systems there end. (Thank god). Probably not the best way to think but after the morning I had I felt like karma was on my side today, so thank you very much karma.

How was your day today?

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