On the seventh day of Blogmas..

Day seven:

Hello world, how are we all today? 
I feel like I've had a pretty productive day, although panicing a little this morning about being late for work because the buses were running late (again). I wasn't late though, my anxiety runs through the roof when it comes to arriving on time to things, like work, appointments and things like that, i'll arrive at least half an hour early, just to make sure I don't miss anything. It's programmed into my head now never to be late for anything.

Anywho, today for blogmas I thought we'd talk about little things that make me happy; winter eddition (that's right, keep your eyes peeled next year for more happies!) I strongly believe that it's the little things that make life special and crave happiness, craziness and amazing things in our lives. 

So here's my little honor post of my Winter happies.

 ❄ Frosty mornings - There's something satifying about waking up in the morning, looking outside and seeing tops of houses, the washing line and grass covered in white frost.

 ❄ Decorations - Although I'm (still) not as hyped up for Christmas as everyone else, I still love seeing peoples christmas lights up in their house and different displays in shops.

 ❄ Hot chocolate - Nothing warms my cold heart better than a really hot, hot chocolate on a cold day. 

 ❄ Weekends - Because now I could spend all day in my warm bed if I wanted to.

 ❄ Late night shopping - Maybe not all the time, but if you go at the right time, the atmosphere of everyone and eveything makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

 ❄ 'Most' christmas movies - Because if you can't watch a cheesy christmas movie on the box with your family when can you?

 ❄ Food - Because it's the one time of year I can eat what I want and not care of the judgement around me. "Laura, haven't you eaten enough Turkey?" THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH TURKEY.

I would love to hear what your winter happies are. Share the joy!


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