Catching up

Oh hai.

How are we all doing today? Long time no see guys, how is everyones 2017 going so far? Mines been.. Eh.

 I've had a sort of weird day, well, week more like; it's not been good but not bad either. This week has been odd on some sorts, at the beggining of the week I lost my voice, went to the doctor, was told I had Laryngitus, a brilliant thing to happen to someone who works in a call center am I right? At least it's been enjoyable for some people, i.e, my mum and my partner, they've been loving the quiet (thanks guys). Lack of voice has lead me to mope around at home, feeling sorry for myself, but also giving myself a bit of self love and healing (video games, lots of water and sleep). 

Friday was one of my 'down' days. I had my first Anxiety attack of the year. I haven't had one for the past six months maybe more? Since going to the doctor and talking about it, I've been able to handle my anxiety better but I think it was just a mixture of stress, both at home and at work (but that's another blog post all together), not being able to speak, and going to various doctors appointments, just got a bit all too much and I broke down. I cried in the shower for about two hours, moped, then picked myself up, did my make-up, got dressed and went and had a cuddle with my mum and Jamie and I felt a little better. We all have different ways of dealing with anxiety, for people who suffer with it, and for me it's crying, as sad as that sounds, I like to cry, I admit, I'm a bit of an ugly cryer, but I feel a hell of a lot better after doing it. 

The weekend was spent chilling out and looking 'after' myelf. I did a face mask and left my face make-up free for the day, did my skin a world of good, I only really wear eyeliner, mascara and a little bit of eyebrow pencil but it still helped. Jamie came over to sleep too so I went to pick him up from work and we got chicken wraps and milkshakes and Strawberry cheesecake Ice-cream, if you ever find that try it, it was amazing oh my glob.. Should mention that it's by Häagen-Dazs (#Notspon, In my dreams). 

And today, Sunday, the sadest day of the weekend, because it goes too quickly for my liking, was spent mostly in bed and when we weren't in bed we were in town, eating yummy food and getting pissed on by the rain.

If that doesn't look like the most yummiest chicken and rib combo then I don't know what is. 
Thankfully though I have my voice back now, and back to work tomorrow, woohoo! I am both nervous and scared about going back, I don't know what it is, I just hate being off work, bleh, gonna drown my sorrows with a little bit of malibu and chill for the rest of the night

Toodlepip xx

Working On Something

Hello world, 

Just a little note to say I'm still here. I'm sorry the blog has been quiet lately, I've been busy working, spending time with Bear and just real life things. Trust me I have a few blog posts in the works that you're gonna love and I can't wait to show you!