Wasting the weekend

Hello world, 

How are we all this evening? Personally, I've spent my day mostly in bed, hungover and feeling sorry for myself. Don't get me wrong, I love me a few cocktails or five but the headache and feeling sick you get the day after makes me wonder sometimes "Is it really worth it?"  at the time I think yes, this is awesome but the next day I feel a little bit like death. Apart from the amazing feeling I get when I down almost two litres of water in one go when I wake up. 

I feel in a way I've sort of wasted my weekend. I know this sounds stupid but I've spent 95% of my day in bed, and i'll probably do the same tomorrow. I guess the bright side out of all this is that Jamie came to the rescue and ordered Domino's. Life saver. 

Last night was also the night I found out I like to take alot of photos when I'm a little tipsy, as follows:

I wont lie, that was the best damn cocktail I've had in forever.

Also this Snapchat filter is adorable, I suit brown eyes don't ya think?

And apperently I also have a thing for taking photos with my eyes closed??

Maybe next weekend i'll be more productive but it's nice to let loose once in a while am I right? For now though I'm gonna crawl back into bed, watch conspiracy theories on Youtube and think of things to write on here.