5am Thoughts

Oh hai,

I know what you're thinking "Laura, why aren't you in bed" well believe it or not my lovelies, I've already been to sleep.. If 3 four hour naps count as sleep, so now I'm up at stupid o'clock wondering what to do with myself, do I go back to bed and stare at the ceiling, or continue writing or think about things that are beyond my controll right now, who knows? I'm actually typing this on my phone right now, yay for blogger mobile. I was actually thinking of making some goals for things I want to achieve whilst being 23 so here it goes:

Things I want to achieve whilst 23:

Drop to a size 18 (ha!)
✴ Go abroad
Have at least two driving lessons
✴ Sort my finances out

Doable? Maybe, here's hoping through my year of trying to be an actual 'adult' I can stick to at least one thing. I guess we'll find out in a blog post next year?