5am Thoughts #2

Oh hai,

I know what you're thinking, "Laura why are you up until stupid o'clock again?" And i'll be honest; video games. Sure that's not a legitimate excuse to stay up till this time but a mixture of games trying to distract myself from my anxiety and napping for about six hours, plus eating late at night doesn't help much at all. Urgh, why do I do this to myself? Right now though is usually the time I like to unwind and chill, kinda like the witching hour but at 4am instead of midnight.. But i'll be honest there's no better feeling after playing video games in the dark with your friends, taking your noise cancelling headset off and hearing rain pouring down outside. It's just one of those things that really relax me I guess. Video games and downpours. 

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Edit: I totally made a Steam group for my stream to further grow my community you should totally check it out here.