Coffee Time

Todays Coffee: 
Instant, tons of milk, 2 sugars, and in my favourite mug - Just the way mumma likes it.

Oh hai.
So, whilst sat on my arse, staring at my computer screen, thinking of things I could write, I suddenly got a little burst of inspiration, for the first time in a long time, and have decided to write a little series on here called Coffee Time. Just a way for me so be consistant and check in with you guys every other day with what I'm up to, how I'm feeling and adventures I'm having. (So, y'know, mainly me sat in front of my computer). So lets see how this goes shall we? I've wanted to do a little blog series for a while but was stumped on content I could create until it was staring me right in the face. 

What today has consisted of: 
Staying in bed until 1PM, finally dragging myself out of bed only to laze about in my pyjamas, cleaning the house, prepping dinner for when my mum gets home from work (Roast pork and mash potatoes, yum), and watching creepy abandoned places videos on Youtube, I just find videos like that really interesting until I end up creeping myself out. Should probably stop watching them alone..

Things that have made me happy today: 
Being productive, cleaning, not fighting with my sister, we walked to morrisons, had an actual conversation and shared a chocolate trifile. Moments like that which I share with my sister I'll treasure forever because we don't always see eye to eye.

Things that have made me sad today: 
Spilling BBQ sauce down my freshly washed pyjamas, spilling chocolate trifle down my cleand dress. Can you see a theme here?

Currently listening to:

So I guess thats the jist of Coffee time, hope you enjoyed it and i'll see you next time! Rise early, and caffeinate often. 

Also a little sellout bit, because if you can't sellout on your own blog when can you? But you can now buy me a coffee, if you'd like, Yay!