Ease Your Mind

Oh hai.
Recently I've been writing alot, not just in here, but in my journal. I find it theraputic to write on this her blog, but there's just something about writing with an actual pen onto paper I love doing. It sounds sad, but I've hardly written anything since leaving school back in 2011, work has either been typed up, texted or emailed to me, never hand written. 
It's kinda sad, but I love handwriting things, especially mail, it just gives it that little personal touch.

I like to carry my little journal round with me where ever I go, that way where ever I am at the time, I can write, draw, paint, jot down blog ideas, a little bit of everything really. That, and I'm terrible at remembering little things, so I find writing it down helps alot. Sure, I have my notes app on my phone, but it's really not the same when it comes to it. 

Another reason I like to carry this thing around with me is because I find it theraputic to write things down. As well as it helping me remember things, obviously, I like to paint and draw in it, just little things, it's wierd to explain, I see things in my head that I need to put down on paper. It sounds dumb, but if I don't do it, I end up feeling really bad on what I could have created, so I like to doodle as much as possible.

I'd definitly reccomend getting yourself a little journal if you haven't already, even if you're not forgetful like I am, it's still nice to look back on good days, and sometimes bad days, learn who you are as a person, look back on how creative you can be and even plan some adventures.

I got my little journal for around £8 from Paperchase, I couldn't find the exact one I have, but I found one similar which you can find here. 
What do you like to put in your journal?